Missing Knowledge


The Berserker


The Berserker was mentioned in an account that certainly comes from an oral history in a story of "King Alfred The Great" by Alfred Duggan. The Berserker was placed where the enemy could see him to intimidate them prior to battle. In the book, sold as a fiction, the Pagan army from the North, worshipping Odin, sent the Berserker into battle first. King Alfred, a devout Christian, respected the Pagans after he came to know them. Alfred suffered from "weak bowels" as a child and a young man. At a point, just before marrying and becoming King, he "traded" the ailment for a fear of speaking. The trade indicates, as well as his prodigious ability to recite his lineage, that the "trance" was secretly in use in the Church or his "bloodline".


The Circadian Rhythm
Abbreviation "CIRCA. circa" (e.i. Circa 1600) refers to the Circadian rhythm originating in the Circacus mountains and indicates origin of the knowledge as from an oral history kept with hypnosis. The word Circus discribes a troupe of traveling actors and talented people with animals that follow the subn cycles through a land bringing entertainment, beauty and a degree of mystery. The Circadian rhythm located in a very old part of the brain, in its evolution, developed with the limbic system which has a primary activity involving memory, intrinsic to the racial history, that regulates emotions, serotonin, control of some fundamental behaviors of aggression, oral, and sexual drives. The Circadian rhythm or biological clock controls waking and sleeping periods.


Egyptian Onc

14 Rays to the rising sun when viewed through the opening. Old saying, "Seven above, seven below."

People bearing oral histories stood on the line of the sun from the Onc on the morning of December 22nd, the ancient new year and the solar new year.

The PLUMBED STAFF was held steady. The sun worshippers lined up with the shortest in the front. The HORIZONTAL CROSS BAR was set at a height, for the specific site of use, that put the standing peoples eye at the appropriate elevation. The Oblong hole allowed for prolonged vertical travel with the sun being exposed in the bottom of the aperture to the taller viewers first.

With all cultures of Earth, the past was recalled and recorded according to, suns, seasons, moons and days.

Ley Lines of Europe

Major features on line of rising sun of December 22nd. Mountain peaks, temples, streets, Obelisks, shrines, rocks in fields

This stone row of 23 large quartz blocks running
in SW-NE direction called "Line of Druids" runs for some 250m (820ft) in the Forest of Fougères France.


People bearing oral histories stood on the line to watch the sunrise. The Shaman would set the bearers circadian rhythm, in a trance, to the first day of the new year. This put entire regions on the same time. Ley lines stretch for 300 miles average.
Ley means law in spanish. The truthsayer was a hypnotist who worked for the king or emperor who knew how to place people into a trance state and anyone who had a deep trance basis could be placed into a trance state. The ancient court was very capable of finding the truth in this way. Other structures are littered all over Europe that have a solar alignment with the Winter Solstice sunrise.

April fools day is called such because the first day of spring, March 21st, was used with the circadian rythym to "time" a persons surfacing of subconscious programing. By the first day of April, the "fools" were running around babbling about the myriad of things happining in their heads. People were worked together in scenarios that were entertaining and rewarding in many ways. Programming was used by many as entertainment much as drugs are used recreationaly in our contemporary society to create hallucinations.

This link demonstrates the solar alignment instruments of northern Europe that were used to "set the peoples clocks".



Newgrange and Dowth on wintersolstice 1996

Pagan Tradition stonehenge winter solstice

Utah Pictograph at Summer Solstice

In the time of the ancient Celts and Druidic peoples there were bizzare human sacrifices.



Card deck & calendar year

An attempt to replace oral histories kept in the subconscious by the use of a hypnotic trance. It was hoped that the suites relation to the seasons while the symbols related to the area of life remembered could organize conscious recall and make the use of the trance in society obsolete. Finally the ill conceived tool for aiding in remembering the all important matters of love, money work and war was abandoned to a game with the development of the written word . Finally publishing made writing fully possible of replacing the ancient use of hypnosis for keeping the past in all except one very important way. In keeping the past with oral histories, no one would bother to remember something they knew was a lie.


The symbol of the suite indicates the area of life that the history was related to.

Card Deck
52 cards per deck
4 suites per deck
13 cards per suite

Calendar Year
52 weeks per year
4 seasons per year
13 weeks per season


The card deck was intended to match the Circadian Rhythm
used to create chronological accuracy in oral histories.

The Grandmother Shrine, 1992 December 22, sunrise (photo) .

The Anapamu Plaque. (photo)

Anapamu Street centerline, first artificial Ley line in America. (photo)

The Anapamu window, first artificial Ley line in America. (photo)

Anapanne, Winter Solstice Shrine. (photo)



Christopher A. Brown & Margo Daru 1/31/97

The Courtiers.

Ladies in waiting

Official Court


All members of the Court the were examined for understanding of oath by the Truthsayers use of the ancient Pagan Trance, then sworn to the oath of fealty to the King. Creating absolute Noblesse oblige.

The only person who could give the King uninvited advice. A philosopher in the ridiculous, not to be ignored.

Trusted with clear and faithful announcements of the Kings Court.

If a young man or woman could be read a single page of text while in a trance and recall it in detail and flavor a week later they were eligible to serve as a Paige in the Kings court.

Ladies in waiting
Women who met the approval of the Queen and swore fealty, through the Truthsayer.

The arm of the Kings authority. Respected for the deepest Oath of fealty, courage and deadly skill. A Knight could accomplish complicated acts of statesmanship as taught to his subconscious mind in a trance initiated by the Wizard or Truthsayer as spoken by the King.

Numerous Counselors for as many purposes were all bound to honor various Oaths of fealty as devised by the King, Queen or Wizard. A Counselors understanding of the oaths were examined in a trance by the Truthsayer under the Wizard.

The Kings most valuable asset in court. The King utilized the most powerful Truthsayer in the community of Truthsayers. The fidelity of all Courtiers could be known for certain through the Truthsayer and the power of the deepest hypnotic trance on Earth, the Pagan Trance. A King who had the appreciation of the Truthsayers was one who was trusted by the people. Sworn to serve the spirit of the people, frequently Truthsayers were Druids.

Wizards could mold people with a trance which might be as deep as a truthsayers. The Wizard was an accomplished philosopher, psychologist capable of scripting all in the Court except for the King and Queen and might act as the Truthsayer. The Wizard could not defy the King but was allowed to act in his official capacity without the Kings direct permission. Minor defects of personality might be corrected within the members of Court or Kingdom while positive traits were developed. Sworn to serve the spirit of the people the Wizard was usually a Druid.

Sworn to the worldly functions of the Court in service to the well being of the people on the land. The most functional King had the complete understanding or support of the Wizard and Truthsayer. The King always speaks the Truth without the Trance.

Sworn to the worldly functions of the King in service to the well being of the people on the land. The Queen as a woman balances the Kings service to the creation of life and the spiritual purposes of the people or the Truth.

The exclusivity of social roles found in Native American society is mirrored somewhat in the roles of the courtiers. Crossing over in duty was frowned upon in the Pagan court.

King Arthur and Merlin

Arthur was a scandal in his day as an effort by the ancient spiritual community to bring fundamental human purpose into a world of dogmatic control threatening the function of the Court. The ancient spiritual community respected absolutely the subconscious human purpose of life with love, or evolution through peace and justice.

Arther had conditional instructions to remember all that Merlin taught him when he pulled the sword from the stone. The burly fellows who couldn't remove it had instructions to not be able to free the sword. Childhood instructions dominate the psychology and actions of the adults many years later