Understanding the Native American Medicine Person

Christopher A. Brown 8/98

The intent of this literature is to help Chumash Medicine people, or their children, with a problem made extreme a century ago with denial and persecution by European culture combined with the ancient knowledge of hypnosis the Medicine people work to preserve. This information is not intended to harm them in anyway and will make possible for people in the community and government to initiate a positive exchange with Medicine people on these sacred subjects to help them heal. Until then, understanding will protect everyone from hypnotic activities of the Medicine community which are conducted compulsively without conscious awareness.

Do not fear these people, respect them for surviving and keeping knowledge old beyond description. Respect the grief, loss and anger they know while honoring their knowledge and strength. They are good people and feel that the knowledge they keep but cannot use correctly while unconscious may be the only thing in existence that can save us from destroying our natural world. To be healed they must reclaim their conscious awareness of their sacred knowledge, your understanding is essential.

At age three or earlier, a hypnotic trance of the greatest possible depth is induced by the Medicine person on their child. Techniques of eye contact natural to development are superseded by parent child teaching conducted with both in a trance. Direct teaching of the subconscious mind begins with the development of techniques of controlling the eyelid and eye to create a chopping of light reflected from either the wet surface of the eye or the on/off of the whites of the eyes. A trigger phrase or signal is applied to the young person, by agreement using sacred knowledge, facilitating instantaneous transition to a cataleptic trance state. The accumulation of skill is subconscious and at age 6 a deep memory (absolute memory control) is created in the subconscious mind with a lifelong commitment. The basic techniques for control of the eyes is developed as early as possible so that the child might be in school with other children who are optimally under the age of seven.

Throughout the programming of the young Medicine person is verbal teaching accumulated in the same way an oral history is ordered. Language skills or NLP (neuro linguistic programming) specific to a Medicine person is established as a skill for use in the initial voice trance which precedes the deepening effects of the ocular activity and the final cataleptic trance desired.

Secondary to the development of NLP and the eye activity which operates a switch located in the subconscious, totally unknown to modern clinical hypnotists, is the skill of recognizing a subjects transition into a trance state, then leading them into a trance while applying deepening activities. The young Medicine person is post hypnotically instructed to utilize a one on one situation, conditionally, to induce as deep a trance as possible and, by questioning, create a simple profile on subject children to aid in tracking the young subjects location in time. A few instructions concerning the destination of the information derived from the subject child is all that is needed before that Medicine child performs. The profile of subjects is eventually made a part of an oral history archive. A decade later the subject person can be easily post hypnotically scripted in scenarios with other influenced teenagers or adults because of the conditioning of the mind at earlier ages.

Medicine children might be observed at an age of five experimenting with their skills of "intimidation without threat" while playing with other children. A psychological shock that can on some subjects, particularly children, cause a deep trance. It is observed as a "get in your face" type action accompanied by a wide eyed, rapid blinking activity. Scanning a group of playmates for individuals who are subconsciously sensitive to the switching action instinctual to the unconscious mind produces a subject for further trance activity in (traditional) private and instruction to respond to later, conscious, invitations to visit the Medicine Child's home.

Deepening of the trance state by an adult Medicine person might compulsively end in memory control and control of the unconscious mind of the adult subject for life. Some 8 year old Medicine Children may be capable of instruction to create deep memory in certain subjects. Instruction in a trance of the Medicine person can continue for 20 years or longer.

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