Leyes de California.

Laws of California March 13, 1876. the board of supervisors of the County of Santa Barbara is asking for bond money to build a jail and a hospital. I have had this interpreted by 2 individuals who speak and write in Spanish and the translations are inconsistent. The first said it meant there was a hospital at the head or front of the jail. The second said it referred to the hospital being at the head of the County. The publisher for the state legislation might have performed a small favor for Santa Barbara in an easily covered typo. Instead of reading "hospital en la Cabacera" it should read, "hospital de la Cabeza. Hospital of the head.

If there was a legitimate "typo" the minutes of the board of supervisors two months before this had the supervisors asking for bond fund for a jail and hospital. How come they didn't know it was a mental hospital?

The receipt for payment for the survey of the city of Santa Barbara. (scanned document).

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