Todays Legal Trail


The purpose of this page is to explain how "missing knowledge" has impacts on peoples lives today. The leaders of the American Medicine people, is being responsible by communicating the truth, through me, of what these ancient forms of hypnosis induced on children is doing to our society. Ancient skills of teaching the subconscious mind are being abused by the many factions of the past that exist and use their knowledge unconsciously today.

After a HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES BILL # 2204 in 1864 violated treaties granting courts of juristiction on Native lands. The Native courts were competant in investigating abuses of hypnosis whereas the courts of the colonizing force were totally unable as was demonstrated in Salem Massachusets. Following HR2204 the 'antap' began preparing for a demonstrational event planned for 1876 here in Santa Barbara California. They used their developed skills of hypnosis to subconsciously program up to 3/4 of the Anglo European population to have severe mental problems. A mass insanity. This was done because the Medicine people know that without rational control, abuse of compulsively driven trance activities is the most likely outcome influencing first children then adults. Also they knew of the colonists compulsive consumption of material goods in naturally obsessive efforts to find happiness. The 'antap' know that a balance with the environment can only be attained by a people that fully control their desires and fears.

The ultimate uses of these forms of hypnosis is to protect the environment with ecologically sustainable behaviour!

The writing is on the wall. We know we are rapidly destroying our absolutely vital resources of air and water. As rational human beings we cannot allow our futures to be so compromised as scientific projections of the trends of environmental degradation demonstrate.

No ancient, irrational fear of our human nature justifies our continued denial of this form of hypnosis

The maintenance of our present "status quo" for the purpose of enabling compulsive desires of material consumption is a sociopathological disorder capable of global destruction through either environmental destruction or warfare.

Our current compulsive material consumption is a default methodology directed at attaining happiness. Happiness is subconsciously driven and a complex state of mind that has a SUBCONSCIOUS basis rooted in expectations learned at childhood.

Addressing our unconscious COLLECTIVE BARRIER and fear requires robust conscious intervention. The most natural form of conscious, rational confrontation existing in our society is law.

The highest purpose of law is to protect our love for life and serve our evolution.

When laws do not do this they are no longer laws, they are simply controls, impeding the peoples evolution.

To argue with the previous two sentences is to justify total environmental destruction or global war.

Our government and courts have been confronted with evidence substantiating the fact that many state laws have been violated. Compare the number of arrests in a two year period shown in the arrest and booking records of Santa Barbara California for the years 1876 to 1878 in a declaration signed by a witness and the statement of the superiour court clerk of the Santa Barbara superior court concerning the number of insanity actions in the public record.

A Freedom of Information Act Request was ignored and the Grand Jury refused to investigate the documented missing court case files. Two subpoena duces tecum for public records ere denied, the arrest and booking records and a Federal complaint lodged in the United States District Court refused to make the County accountable for the blatant violation of Federal law.

These legal experiences as I attempt to make government accountable and follow laws is the basis for a;


The outcome is up to you, the people. Only decent human beings unafraid of the human subconscious mind can hope to meet the future functionally.



Or understand the greater meanings of America,