The legend of Argus Panoptes

The Greek legend.

Argus had one hundred eyes or maybe a thousand.

Argus Panoptes (Argus of many eyes)

Argus was born of Gaia. Son of Inachus. Argus was given the task of being a vigilant guard over Io when she was turned in to a white cow after being caught by Hera with Zeus. Hera made Zeus turn Io into a heifer.

Hera then bade Argus to "take this heifer to Nemea and tether it to an olive tree."

The Argus could only sleep with two eyes at a time, or 50, or 98. Something like that.

The Argus symbolizes the vigilant watchfulness of the people of a culture to the unconscious action of ancient compulsions of hypnosis organized by knowledge specific to the many old spiritual factions of Earth. The sleeping Argus is always watching with the remaining eyes. Meaning two adults with children at all times making sure that trance induction activities are not being subconsciously used. Protecting the children from the uncontrolled activities.

Hermes killed Argues and the eyes of the Argus went to the tail feathers of the peacock.

This is why Native Americans are uneasy with peacock feathers.