We have been learning of a thing called "inference" within the current irrational spectacle on television concerning the Presidents acts and his resulting irrational actions from the irrational investigations. We are going to need to use inference to deal with the future.

1958 American College Dictionary
Inference a. the process of deriving the strict logical consequences of assumed premises. b. the process of arriving at some conclusion which though it is not logically derivable from the assumed premises, possesses some degree of probability relative to the premises.

Inference by my definition is a method of creating subconscious relativity by making things that don't seem to or shouldn't make sense, make sense. Patterns of behavior and a knowledge of human nature are the elements of inference used to see how the creators responsible for the following film. literature and music were influenced subconsciously. The telepathy aspect of these forms of hypnosis brings another dynamic to human conscious potential when considering transfers of musical or other artistic quests. The possibility of thousands of years of scraps of art of all kinds, blended with a rich knowledge of human nature in history, brings the potentials for inspiration in art to a conceptual pinnacle that can only ascend with time when telepathic potentials are evaluated.

Native American Medicine people and others around the world have very few ways to manifest obviously inspired "good" with their skills of manipulating the subconscious mind since consciousness was globally relinquished after the crusades. Traditional healing methods are beyond control and mostly unsafe to practice without conscious awareness of the hypnotic trance activity. Of the "safe" ways the best is to inspire fantasy and art. Ideas are never lost so the recombination's only grow in number. This art directly relating to the uses of hypnosis or memory control or the event of humanity becoming capable of understanding and accepting itself in its deepest form is but a small sample of the art created by spiritual world in their clandestine existence. Hmmm.... interesting word clan destine. Is fate what just randomly happens while destiny is what is planned by the clan?

The recent issue (I think 12/98) of National Geographic Magazine has an article on Lawrence of Arabia. In the article it mentions Lawrence's book "Seven Pillars of Wisdom". The number seven relates to sunworship and the book has mention of some of Lawrence's duties as a temporary leader of the Bedouins. He had to act as a judge and make decisions concerning "two bewitchings and an evil eye". Lawrence, in his extreme ways, had been influenced by an ancient form of hypnosis and given original instructions that made him do what he did. We share a few extremes, I eat a lot of bread, dislike sports and enjoy motorcycles.

BOOK: The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich
Fritz Lieber wrote this sci fi novel and hid it lost it or something. Some descendant just happened to find it in the early '90s and it was published for the first time in perhaps 1995. The character in the story has an experience of the mind which I recognize. There is no doubt that Fritz Lieber had an experience of the subconscious mind and turned it into a science fiction story. How I learned of the book was in itself very curious. The Library hasn't had a card reference system for many years. The scrap provided at the computer reference stations for notes were what appeared to be old reference cards. Printed on the card was the information of the "The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich".
After reading the book I realized that many works of art over the ages have been inspired from hypnotic instruction with many careers being the result of original instructions. The subconsciously guided vision quest is a great tool only used unconsciously in this time because of the denial and the inability to know consciously these truths of our old animal mind.

BOOK: Expressions
Darwin wrote this and lost it or hid it or someone did. The world wasn't ready yet when it was written. I have not read the book but I know it is all about the subconscious activities of communication that can be observed in mammals.

ANIMATED TELEVISION SERIES: Nintendo's popular "Pocket Monsters" The cartoon, "Pokemon" has characters called "Missingno" and Hypno. One html in this site has the name "miskno", the page about missing knowledge. It would be "missingkno" if it wasn't too long and the index page is titled Missing Knowledge. Take into account the event of December 18, 1997 and coincidence seems unlikely.

BOOK: Stranger in a Strange Land
A hopeful story by a man who was told to tell a fanciful version of what it is like to become fully conscious of a subconscious realm inhabited by beings so different they could be from another planet and what that might be like if it were to happen in a contemporary society such as ours.

SONG: The House of the Rising Sun.
I haven't studied the words but the title is obvious with inference to Solstice. There is probably enough information on this page to develop the related understandings to infer more.

FILM: Catch-22
The name infers with 22, a linkage to the experience I am undergoing relating to December 22nd, Winter Solstice. Sex and disbelief are featured in the film if I remember correctly.

TV SERIES: Star Trek
The Obsidian Order works with memory control. The Medicine mans brothers name has the word obsidian in it.

The "voice" infers the intensity that can be a part of subconscious communications and if I were to depict extreme, conscious uses of these ancient forms of hypnosis it would be done very much like Dune portrays the "voice". The secrecy surrounding the spice reminds me of how the Medicine people refer to the trance, "The secret that keeps itself." The unconscious weaving of roles in destiny. The power of the bene gesseritt.

Doctor Kines says, "he shall know your ways as if born to them." Referring to Paul Lido as "freman" as if original instructions and oral histories are involved. The whispering voices in young Lidos mind guiding him in his development of "freman' ways. A good portrayal of how an oral history is triggered from deep memory to release information to the conscious with conditions that are described many years earlier.

Harkonen, "We can't let ourselves be swayed by your witches voice." Referring to Jessica.

Reference to the spice, "like a truthsayer drug."

I learned about Kyle McClaughlen's involvement shortly before the movies release and remember that Kyle had read Frank Herbert at a very young age. He just happened to have memorized long scenes in the story years before the film was to be made. His enactment of the role was exceptional in its expression of emotions as was noted in the story I read of the films making.

FILM, BOOK: The Magus
John Fowles wrote about a bizarre experience of surreal torment exploiting fears and desires in memory.

FILM: Seconds
I haven't seen it yet but had considerable considerable recall in 1996 when my deep memory became conscious, referring to the filming of it here in Santa Barbara. Rock Hudson had heard what the Natives here could do with memory from a director with a story and Hudson went for it. He may have been prepared many years before but the memory loss the character experiences is real although temporary. At this writing I live across the street from where it was filmed. The plot I'm told involves memory, the loss of memory, return of memory with much inference to my experience, returning lost meaning to life.

FILM: The Manchurian Candidate
The Manuchurians used the same form of memory control the Native American Medicine people use.

FILM: Rasputin and the Empress
How did Rasputin get past the palace guards? They failed to see him. From personal experience it is far easier to hypnotically instruct a person to "not see" something than it is to "see something".

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