Center line of Anapamu Street

This was the last photo taken in the series. A radio was used by the photographer to tell me when the bright afternoon sun was reflecting off the large mirror I pointed down the center line of Anapamu street. The upper end of the enhanced paint line has an enhanced reflection to show the relationship.

I remember my father telling me how to align reflected light accurately with a stick, as a foresight lined up to a target. He said, "It might be important to know how to do this some day." I asked, "Why?" He mentioned rescue, and discovering alignments. Rescue I understood, this is discovery.

At another time, perhaps 1979, two individuals were involved in a hypnotically scripted rehearsal of this simple technique.

I had been hypnotically instructed to get involved with CB radio and meet a man who was acting on OGC's (OGC's). He was an accountant and a hyper communicator (basic attention deficit disorder, he had retain treatment as a child) who positioned himself at another mutual friends place. All of us following instructions to coach my skills of reflecting sunlight from the summit of the mountains down to the city below.

Another reason for this scenario, possibly, was so I could tell this story now.

The Anapamu window, first artificial Ley line in America. (photo)