An example of the subconscious scripting, by Native American Medicine people, of two authors towards one understanding.

Mr. James Redfield authored a book he called "THE CELESTINE PROPHECY". He has no conscious awareness of ever being hypnotized by Indians. His attorney sent me this letter after I mailed a manuscript to Mr. Redfield with a letter trying to tell him what he doesn't know yet.

THE GUIDE TO THE CELESTINE PROPHECY explains how the story Mr. Redfield wrote could actually be experienced by someone. My life today resembles psychologically the many mental states of the characters in Mr. Redfields first book. Every day it seems another person contributes subconsciously to the mountain of evidence I am personally confronted with concerning the subconscious realm the Natives create with hypnotic instructions. A realm where the creation of the phenomena Mr. Redfield refers to as synchronicity becomes absolutely real.

In 1993 I was flagged down on the street and given a copy of "THE CELESTINE PROPHECY" by a friend. He said I might recognize something in the experience the author was describing. I may have even asked him later "why he gave me the book?" I recognized that Mr. Redfields story walked around something in the same way I had when I wrote SEQUELA. I will confess that the similarities were obvious and mildly disturbing in 1993, that is all I knew then. Now I remember being told quite a bit concerning why Mr. Redfield wrote the book he wrote and I wrote SEQUELA.

The Medicine people felt that the "synchronicity" concept might have been recognized by my conscious mind without being fully understood. In the early phases of creating access by my conscious mind to deep memory where repeated deep shocks (abuse) to my subconscious were applied, I might have breached the barriers to deep memory early. A part of the mind not normally accessed to any large degree at all without the type of early childhood indoctrination's I was lead into.

In "THE TENTH INSIGHT" the author actually describes, without knowing it and saying so, the subconscious activity the character in the story paralleling his role as a writer. THE GUIDE brings this to light as well as the conditional triggers that are at the levels of insight transitions in Mr. Redfields books.

Mr. Redfield has done magnificent work and brought a large amount of very valid psychology into usage with the awareness shared in "THE CELESTINE PROPHECY" and "THE TENTH INSIGHT" two very enjoyable books in any light.

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The Cherokee people recognize the appearance of respect for indigeonous prophecy in the "THE CELESTINE PROPHECY"

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