Window Rock

When the photo on the previous page was taken I was standing near the center of this photo reflecting sunlight with a mirror down the centerline of Anapamu street. I found this in 1991 on the first visit after finding the shrine. An hour of chainsaw work made the old trail, cut and filled onto the slope, visible. That is when I found the window rock. Feelings of deep mystery began even though I had no idea that I was being hypnotically guided.

I have recall from a trance state that says the shrine site on the next page is very old. A Shaman had taught my subconscious how to find and understand these things as well as their relationship to public records. The shrine area, the next page in this series, was leveled, sometime after 1824, with tools taken from the jobs of slavery the natives were forced into beginning with the first occupations of European society. They were attacked if they watched the sunrise from the beach which was the easiest place for the elderly so this trail was later made. The prolonged center line of Anapamu street crosses this trail where the window rock lies instead of running through the center mark of the Native peoples shrine, "Anapanne", as they asked the founders of the city to do before 1850. Anapamu is a name the Natives made sure the street would have.

The highlighted area to the right of frame center has a large pointed stone, pointing down to the left. On the right side of the stone is a square cut hole.

Above the stone in the top photo is another stone barely in view. That stone has the same angle as the point (top) of the lower stone and when mated, it is plain to see that it is cut to a width that places the window in the center of the assembled stone window. The assembled window was stood above the area it now lies in serving to create the corona effect found at the grandmother shrine when the sun was reflected down the artificial Ley line of Anapamu. The Natives thought of it as a gift to the ancient sun worshippers of Europe they knew were coming.

In ancient times the Native people of America had developed hundreds of governmental structures, more than any people in the world. The greater meaning of America, uses of first amendment rights that protect love and life, are reasons our sacred freedoms exist. Medicine people created these concepts and tested them in the hearts and minds of their people for thousands of years with the knowledge of hypnosis. The dream they had for the land they loved, of a great society in a city helping them to bring greater happiness, with its hope, by all the worldly and spiritual progresses human life can use, was destroyed with profound denial. All of the evolutionary, societal mechanisms of law; medicare, welfare, civil service, conservation, social security, cultural tolerance we might have developed and been using for the last century were denied us. Our severe problems of; gang violence, racism, drug addiction, alcohol, violent crime, crime would be easily offset by the function of behavioral medicine understood with ancient knowledge within psychology.

Through subconsciously directed "vision quests" dynamic artistic inspiration can be found when these forms of hypnosis are used. Shakespearean actors remembered very long dialogs? They were programmed with their lines as well as the appropriate emotions. They were told during a trance to "feel" and "know" things, the meanings of the events in the stories. The nature of Shakespeare stories invoke primal feelings that are shared between the audience and the actors.

We have been denied our past and our present because "now" we are afraid of ourselves. If we can know our purpose in life as love, unconditional love for life, what we might fear in ourselves will become our ally and we will evolve.

Knowledge of the subconscious mind; Use it or be used by it?

In 1824 there was a rebellion of all the Natives at local missions. Simultaneously the Natives of Santa Barbara, Lompoc, Santa Ynez and San Luis Opispo revolted. When I first read this in a book titled "CHUMASH, A picture of their world" 1988 by Bruce W. Miller, I wondered how the timing was accomplished. Now I know it was done with hypnosis and the circadian rhythm.

Anapanne, Winter Solstice Shrine. (photo)