The Plaque

One half block east of State street on Anapamu. Located on the, north, sidewalk side of a parking lot wall.

In 1992 a friend "just happened" to inform me of the plaque on Anapamu street. That was when I realized that the prolonged centerline of the street ran through the window site.

Text of the Plaque

This street name ANAPAMU, meaning "rising place" referred to a prominent hill upon which was situated a shrine where local Chumash Indian people gathered to worship powerful supernatural beings in the world above.
The shrine was considered holy and a place where concentrated supernatural power was located. At the time of Winter Solstice, when prayers were offered to the sun, Santa Barbara's Indian people placed poles decorated with feathers on the summit of Anapamu. These poles were to remain for an entire year. To be removed by village chiefs in and about Santa Barbara. Prayers for food, good health, protection from bears and rattlesnakes and a host of other human needs and desires were conducted on the summit of such shrines.
Just as the descendants of the Chumash today hold and respect the traditional beliefs of their ancestors it is hoped that through an understanding of their culture you will acquire an appreciation for the meaning of Anapamu.

Efforts to engage the academic and professional community in the creation of an understanding to the benefit the public.

Considering the bulk of information produced to document this shrine and the knowledge of hypnosis associated with it, archeologists, anthropologists, psychologists, sociologists, historians and theologians should all be very interested. Psychologists should be working to understand the phenomena of the subconscious mind to provide treatment for effected individuals. After two and a half years of trying to find anyone who might help to share more meaningfully any of what I find, understand or claim, not one has done much more than looked and listened while nodding their head.

Apathy? Comfort? Fear? Has our world gotten to big or small. Can we sit and watch our cultures fail to adapt, to counter the serious problems we create for ourselves and all life in our environments. Who can blame the elite in the world of knowledge for inaction? This is knowledge of and for the people. If the people fail to see their greater purposes in their greater numbers for the creation of direction in a democracy, how can the leaders follow?

Anapamu Street centerline, first artificial Ley line in America. (photo)