1879, Gaspar Orena vs the City

This is a scan of a court document on microfilm demonstrating the litigation resulting from Haleys sabotaged survey. Orena was suing because the house he built on a street the city paid to establish, ended up by resurvey in an attempt to fix the embarrassing errors, in the middle of the street.

Excerpt from the hand written text. "relating to the survey of S. Haley and the line of De la Guerra, and the survey by him, because it does not appear that said survey was ever approved, adopted or acted upon by the city, or that De la Guerra street, as designated by Haley, was ever acted upon, or opened or laid out or used as a public street"

De la Guerra means (of the war). The names of things have an importance to the subconscious mind that is difficult to convey with language. Something in our instinct, DNA, has us subconsciously recognizing the ancient meanings of word sounds, morphemes. In a cataleptic trance the meanings are deeply compelling towards thoughts and feelings. Hypnotic instruction towards those mental activities can make the natural tendency a certainty. This is true with any knowledge we can describe.

Ordinance # 39. Instructions for the survey of the City of Santa Barbara. (scanned document)

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