Ordinance # 39

Salisbury Haley had made an agreement with the Natives to lay out the city as they wanted it, with one cross street pointing at their sacred Winter Solstice Shrine "Anapanne". The agreement had been made consciously and unconsciously. Haley had been sent by other Medicine people to survey the city the way the 'antap' needed to have it done, with an artificial Ley line pointing at their Winter Solstice shrine The City fathers refused and instead hired a surveyor to help lawyers write an ordinance to instruct the surveyor and assure that no street would point at the Shrine. Why write an ordinance when a simple legal description would do? Perhaps the Cities founders new of Haleys agreement and wanted to make it criminal to discourage Haley from laying out the city with a cross street pointing at the shrine.

"and he must take for his starting point the iron stake at the south most intersection at State and Carrillo Streets"

Map of the City of Santa Barbara showing the street misalignments. (scanned USGS map)

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