Missing History

Missing history begins tangibly for the contemporary mind with ordinance # 39. Why make an ordinance for a surveyor when a legal description would suffice? The ordinance made Haley legally bound, perhaps to the point of criminal prosecution, to layout the city from a predetermined starting point. A starting point that assured no cross street would point at the shrine in the foothills.

Why, after such a meticulous job of making a legally binding ordinance, would a receipt of payment for a seriously flawed survey, a simple but large task, of the city of Santa Barbara be provided? Was it because the City knew Haley had made a deal with the Natives to layout the city with a cross street pointing at their shrine "Anapanne".? Was it because Haley was complaining of the severity of the mental distractions emerging from his deep memory because of general, conditional hypnotic instructions intended to foul his cognitive abilities and he threatened to sue? Was it because when Haley submitted his contract for the survey of the City of Santa Barbara, there was no Ordinance #39 and if the City would have allowed the Native people their only wish for the new city Haley could have done a good job laying out the CIty and been paid and the Natives would have not been so injured spiritually.

The Natives knew about this "missing knowledge" of the Europeans. The Natives remember the light skinned people in their oral histories from the Celtic mound builders who occupied much of the eastern and inland areas of this continent as being "like them". After the crusades, European people developed a genetic fear of these ancient forms of hypnosis and cannot know it is something real.

There is a very old Celtic dance, "A Dance Called America" (pronounced Amerikay) that todays Celtic people recall. The Natives knew of the Ley (LAW) Lines of Europe, they had known from the mound builders of the societies of Europe perhaps a millennium before Christ.

Haleys survey was so flawed that many lawsuits erupted 25 years later as demonstrated in the "Orena vs The City" lawsuit that arose from the huge errors made in Haleys survey.

Map of the City of Santa Barbara showing the street misalignments. (scanned USGS map)

Street intersections suffered huge misalignments from the sabotaged survey of 1852. (photos)

I don't know what month it was, the Independent newspaper of 1876. (scanned copy of microfilmed paper) but it links Haley to the Natives and the thoughts of the news editors to the survey