Map of the city of Santa Barbara

This is a scan of the USGS quad map of the City of Santa Barbara. The red eyes indicate the areas of severe misalignment resulting from the sabotaged survey of the city. The natives refused to measure up the central valley and carry the heavy iron measuring chain they had stolen, broken and seen patched with rawhide back to the beach. Instead they would only measure up the valley and back urinating on the leather and pulling overly hard to stretch the chain causing large accumulative errors in both directions. The surveyor had hypnotic instructions to foul his cognitive thinking and disable him from making corrections. The staggered misalignment is evident in the first street up from the beach boulevard.

The survey was sabotaged due to the surveyor breaking an agreement made with the Medicine people to put an extended centerline of a cross street over the center of the Natives Winter Solstice Shrine "Anapanne". The City fathers refused and instead hired a surveyor to help lawyers write an ordinance to instruct the surveyor and assure that no street would point at the Shrine.

The red eyes indicate the locations of the photos.

The fact that the Anapamu street didn't point at "Anapanne" did not deter the Medicine people. They knew it was the light of the sun and its effect on the subconscious mind. They used the street closest to the shrine, Anapamu and erected the window stone.

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