The Grandmother Shrine
The Great Shrine of the West


My experiences at this place will be a source of mystery for a long time. It is for me and I know it was to many Native people a place where knowledge held for thousands of years for the purpose of protecting love and life, gained greater meaning.

December 22, 1992, my intent was to locate the photographers tripod in the most likely place to observe the possibility of the sun coming through the aperture I knew was to the south east.

There are 14 rays to the sun when viewed in this way. Seven above the horizon, seven below.

I did not know that this site was a Winter Solstice Shrine with a solar alignment as I felt my way around in the rocks littered with caves in the dark 30 minutes before sunrise. I only suspected. As the sun was rising I asked the photographer where it was and he said, "Coming right into the lens."

Now I remember native people saying to me, "You'll need to be able to find your way in the dark in this place sometime." Now I know the entire area is a model of the 3 layers of the Native spiritual universe. Upper, lower and middle worlds.
Grandmother is in the upper world, comprised of natural boulders of a female figure 10' to 15' tall aprox. 150 feet long. Grandfather sun lands on Grandmothers crotch on the morning of December 22. That's where the camera is.

This shrine is a fertility shrine that deals with evolved psychological understandings of the responsibility of fertility. The most difficult aspects of this responsibility are societal as we encounter our knowledge of our human condition and our need to survive and evolve.

The ancient uses of the knowledge comprising the vast primordial relationships of reproduction were to crete behaviors focusing on adaptation enabling survival and evolution as priorities with related aspects respected whenever needed for both sexes at all ages through life, always oriented in unconditional love supporting families and communities. Knowledge gained from thousands of years of probing the subconscious minds of human beings concerning all spiritual, emotional and sexual aspects of fertility has been accumulated in the unconscious oral histories of the Native American Medicine people. A fundamental understanding of human reproductive instinct, sexuality and evolutionary programming of our DNA is represented by the depth of control that can be exerted on psychology or physiology when ancient knowledge is imposed in patterns of evolution, within a subject, who is in a somnambulistic mental state.

This shrine is in forest. Unknown to archeologists and anthropologists. The difficulties of the historical, official denial are not so intense here for the Medicine people as they are with the Anapanne shrine.

The Anapamu Plaque. (photo)