The 'antap'

The 'antap' were more or less, in the longer term, the traditional leaders of American Medicine people. The tribal Chiefs of the Native American people were frequently Medicine people. The keepers of the Western Gate are the 'antap' who have the knowledge of the gate. It is the collective knowledge of tens of thousands of years of oral histories kept by Native American people.

The 'antap' are a subconscious society and is created first, by the original, general, conditional instructions given to Medicine Children, then later if the individual responds to tests and conditions, they and the other 'antap' realize there is a new 'antap'. All Medicine people have the instructions that might make them an 'antap'. Unlike other secret societies they, the 'antap', do not wish to "be secret". They want people to know who they are and what they do. They will always have secrets because that is the nature of working with the unconscious mind. If the culture the society is a part of knows what is possible, the activities will be monitored by the people and the members of the society can control their actions by awareness gained from people who perceive the effects of the unconscious knowledge in use.

Raphael Solares. One of the last 'antap', 1877

It seems possible that this member of the 'antap' of 1877 had created a scene in an effort to communicate to those in the future where the answers are. There is a large formation of rock north of the Grandmother Shrine that could easily be represented by the hide prop to the left of Raphael Solares. If that were the case he would be pointing with his arrow towards the shrine in this photo.

The white "V" shape over his shoulders is the symbology for their animal familiar. The White Tailed Kite, Elanus Lecurus

The Anapanne Winter Solstice Shrine has a puzzle panel having a naturally appearing shape in mineralizations of a white bird with wings outstretched. Tiny incisions not visible here at the claws enhance the bird shape appearing on the mineralized areas making the white wings.

There are twelve 'antap'. Eight are called "shawn", they can do only good. Four are called "quayan", they can do bad if it leads to good. This is understandable if a wrong has been done that must be, but has not been corrected; with all that is good having been attempted; if it is to be corrected, all that is left to try is something bad.

A mental phenomena called "telepathy" results from two people who are communicating while somnambulistic. This is not an absolute occurrence it is a preferred and sought after event of rapport and may comprise;

The ULTIMATE form of human sentience.

From my experience this phenomena communicates subconscious knowledge subtle and complete beyond description. When I say I know how they feel I mean I have felt the grief of the spiritual leaders of the Indigenous people;

It is vast.

We have to help them to not hate us for what we have allowed our government to do to them and life here in America. They are angry. When Chief Seattle wrote concerning the coming of the white man, "the end of life and the beginning of survival" he meant that the European government would never respect our unconscious existence the Medicine people are relative masters of.

Eighty six percent of our mental ability has been ignored.

The Medicine people want to stop remembering the grief and the anger carried in their oral histories perpetuated with telepathic skill. We can help them by respecting them for preserving knowledge valuable to all humanity and by communicating support for an official understanding of the knowledge that has made them victims of our government. If we can make our government respect the truth of our humanity and the past, the Medicine people can begin to stop remembering and all of us can go forward.

From my experiences with these exceptional people come some very special things. One is;


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