Women and their unconscious differences exploited by men.

This thread is based on this question by Dennis.

Dennis wrote: Based on some encouraging comments in this discussion I am wondering if it is time to attempt to transfer more political and economic power over to women??!!


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No Dennis, we are not ready for that.  Here is the reason.  Consider this scan of a family health guide.

hynosis on women

NOTE: (Bottom right corner below) "Children under 5 should never undergo hypnosis, it can be too disorienting".  This factor will be combined with another factor from another book below.
hypnosis on women

The below is from the book titled "Human Behavior" by Berelson & Steiner.

berelson & steiner

The significance of the following statement below C2 in the scan below must be combined with the factor noted above, "Children under 5 should never undergo hypnosis, it can be too disorienting", to realize how much deeper hypnotic control over women can be.  This fact has been exploited since the beginning of time resulting in discrimination against women in societies that reject hypnosis or societal uses of the unconscious mind, such as our American society.

"In summary, it appears that we may say that suggestibility is highest at the ages of seven to eight, and that it is somewhat greater for women and girls that for men and boys"

Accordingly, paternally controlled societies that also reject uses of the unconscious, or do not know of the potentials, have discriminated against women historically.

page 125 berelson & steiner
I am well informed on the corpus callosum and how it effects mental performance.  Let us set gender differences aside for a moment to take on one vital fact.

That fact is seen by inference in this piece compiled and written by Colin Wilson.  The inference is that the left brain is always involved to some degree when speaking and listening, but when reading and writing, only the right brain may be used.


Okay, let's integrate the gender issue, but this factor, which is VERY hard to find information, on MUST be considered.  The last part, second page bottom right is what is pertinent.

I've researched the history of hypnosis intensively for nearly twenty years and there are one piece of information in that scan of a family Heath Guide that are not found ANYWHERE else.

"That children under five should not be hypnotized because of the potential for disorientation.

Berelson & Steiners "Human Behavior" is the only source I've found that states;

"That women and girls are more easily hypnotized than men."

A logical assumption: When such info is not found it indicates that there is an element of psychology or some power over it, that does not want it to be found.  Accordingly pressure is subtly placed on psychologists to NOT publish the fact.

One more critical factor of history that has mystified our society for a very long time.

The fact that women have always been second class citizens, without even the right to vote in European, Romanized societies in our known history

I can tell you from personal experience that there are secret "spiritual factions" that hypnotize female children before the age of five to a depth of somnambulism and make them willing servants without their knowledge for LIFE.  This is WHY women have been second class citizens in Romanized societies.  This was so in America until 1919!

This is accomplished by the use of a trance at the depth of somnambulism before the age of five.

memory control

The first instance I saw was in 2000 when suing William L. Gordon, judge, Santa Barbara small Claims case #999556 for defrauding me in small claims court.  He had defrauded me of my filing fees and the promised justice associated from the court he was officer of that the fees are paid to.  The judge allowed Santa Barbara County sheriffs department to fail to appear on subpoena duces tecum and refused to find them in contempt in civil suit #220298.  This link is a Declaration of a retired attorney who came with me to the hearing before a retired woman judge, Dana Henry Senit who failed to recognize that the defendant judge had not came to the hearing and that by law of small claims court, the plaintiff by default, must have judgement in his favor.


I will provide some examples from other courts where a woman judge, Col. Denise Lind, has been induced to ignore the constitutional rights of soldiers and citizens in the furtherance of treason.


Judge Lind adjudicating a birther lawsuit by Orly Taitz


On the same page another woman involved, who perhaps paid a high price.
Loretta Fuddy is dead after a plane crash off of Molokai island in Hawaii yesterday. Out of the 9 people on the plane, the only one that died was Loretta Fuddy, who was the director of Hawaii’s Health Department. [….] She claimed to have personally seen the original typewritten birth certificate with her own eyes and that it would remain secured but not publicized and that the “copy” would be offered instead. A subpoena was issued to compel her to produce the original and the debacle has been up in the air ever since. Yesterday, another forged birth certificate was...

Another case related to treason. Lind is judge in the Bradley Manning case.



A group of activists and journalists, including WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, is suing in the U.S. District Court for greater access to the Manning court martial. Many elements of the trial have been kept secret under the judge, Army Col. Denise Lind, including documents, briefs and information about closed-door witnesses.

The trial of Army Major Nidal Hasan, the fort hood shooter, was adjudicated by Colonel Tara Osborn.
Something is not right about allowing a defendant with Hasans mental issues defend himself.


The judge quickly accepted the verdict;



We learn here he was in recent contact with a high level Imam.  Accordingly the Imam could have used a conditional trigger phrase to unconsciously push him towards an action compelled by childhood programming.  The fact he was a psychologist suggests that someone felt he might be able to learn enough to use knowledge of unconscious programming as a defense.  Unfortunately the deep unconscious is too far out of reach for that. 

Very special conditional instructions need to be administered at childhood where the child agrees to be made conscious of what is placed in deep memory prior to the point of having the conditions imposed.  Muslims do not have that degree of development in working with the unconscious mind.  Most all of it is unconsciously compelled.


An investigation conducted by the FBI concluded that his emails with the late Imam Anwar al-Awlaki......

Muslims compulsively practice this form of hypnosis described above on their children.  It is completely unconscious for them. This explains Muslim fanaticism AND the religious feud between Christianity and Islam going back 2,000 years.

The following is my personal experience with women judges violating laws and my constitutional rights.

The first is a scan of certified return for the mailing to the presiding judge.

Woman mind controlled

The next is a screen shot of the letter to presiding Judge Audrey Collins of the US District court in Los Angeles.  The local court rules violate and are inconsistent with US code.  The violation was used to conceal treason by judge Manual Real.

concealing treason

Here is a female judge refusing to recognize perjury on state judicial council forms.


Here is where a woman commissioner that rewrote court transcripts of family law court to remove her admission that she violated my right to present evidence in small claims court where there is no court reporter.
This a scan of a handwritten witness in the audience stating what she heard the commissioner answer to my questions about evidence entered into the record with a request for judicial notice.
There is further explanation of the situations on the pages to correlate the meanings of the documents.


These are scans of the transcripts of the court reporter that were rewritten by the woman commissioner.  This commissioner was appointed to a sitting judge by governor Schwarzenegger.


That commissioner conducted many violations of my rights damaging me seriously for years.  Logically the only purpose of this was for concealing treason, because I am, and have been disclosing treason.  No other logical reason can be found for what she did.

She had no idea of what she was actually doing.  Each action was justified with its own attitude consciously justifying the action.

Another case where a woman judge was deciding my eviction.  There was a tenant (meth cooker) using the place as an occasional meth lab.  She was appointed by Schwarzenegger.  Do we really think the groper respects women that much?
This judge ignored; a prima facie retaliatory eviction not allowed by state law, 2 declarations to extreme chemical vapors in the house, one stating the cooker pulled up to the house with a fire in the back of his pickup, 2 witnesses to extreme chemical vapors in the house, the cooker was arrested and convicted 18 years earlier in the same house cooking meth and convicted sentenced to 9 years in the penitentiary, 80 sheriffs calls to the house in the 3 years previous to trial for drug related issues.


This is a farily recent event that goes back to the Bundy standoff and relates to the outspoken LaVoy Finicum who was basically targeted for asssasination beccause he was so well spoken and accurate in his appraisal of what the infiltrated federal government has done.

The order authorizing the traffic stop wherein he was killed was signed by this woman judge of the federal court.

This is the readacted .PDF affidavit of FBI agent Katherine D. Armstrong who was in charge of the investigation and operation.


It turns out one of the FBI agents lied about firing two shots at Finicum after he exited the van, which ended up with his being murdered.

Notice how many women are involved. Is the infiltrated federal government trying to use these women to get the FBI agent off of the charges? Astarita is the FBI agent.

Modern women with open minds and fearless hearts need to realize that ONLY the societal acceptance and understanding of the unconscious mind is going to prevent a backlash of this kind to unconscious control over them.  Basically a large loss or rights and status in society, AGAIN.

The clock will turn back, but by that time many women will have been unconsciously used to destroy our constitution, our rights and freedoms and there will be little semblance of the society we now have.

There are of course a very dark group of men behind it all.  DO NOT LET THEM PREVAIL!

All of this is based in knowledge completely removed from our society, EXCEPTING that carried in the unconscious minds of Indigenous American people who were lethally persecuted in the colonization of the continent, to get rid of the knowledge, which was really a veiled crusade.

The crusades in Europe removed all capacity of the people there to openly accept overt uses of the unconscious mind for keeping oral histories.  The purpose was to control the population by controlling their perceptions of what their past is.

Converting the entire population over to using the written word because it is easier to burn books than people if you want to control their knowledge of their past, and them.

Matriarchal society is misrepresented in the histories written by the dark minded men that control our societies.  With this knowledge of the unconscious mind returned, material and political power can be returned for women's natural purposes, which feminism was designed to obscure in competition with men, who naturally must use their power to serve the woman's purposes. Within that societal structure, that 30% more capacity of the corpus callosum that women have, serves everyone.

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