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RE: Preventing the eventual extinction of the human race-environment, war and behaviors. Assuring good science.

Dear Kathleen Rest and Alden Meyer,
I've been thinking of this letter for about 4 years. I can no longer put it off for the reason of refining a scientific understanding I feel must be seen and understood by science in order for this species to survive. I can no longer put it off hoping that unreasonable social fears, may resolve somewhat, so as not to cause dissociation of these difficult subjects. This is about the behavioral sciences or more specifically the unconscious mind and behaviors which funds bad science over good, then attacks the best.

Behavioral science is an area of science dangerously neglected, making a dangerous world. This is a major ethics issue because the science that should be addressing this is not. Therefore if it is to be addressed, other sciences must do it because the environment that they work in, that of; economy and government, as well as the physical environment may or will no longer logically limit science to that which benefits humanity while giving unlimited support for that which does not. Science, if it would do so; in examining these behaviors, is faced with a shortage of evidence to understand how they can be justified and continue to the levels of destruction we see. We must approach the cause of the behaviors and why they persist.

Iíve seen in a number of ways that evidence of this knowledge is misrepresented for the purpose of making its hidden abuses less obvious. The church removed much information long ago. Accordingly, if science is to learn of it, it must come from someone who is scientific in nature, but acutely aware of the dynamics of what can control daily behaviors so what we witness can be understood. Accordingly what I bring is what might be one of the first issues of science after it discovers itself, for consistencies sake; what must be the root of behavioral science. The inclination or tendency to conduct science is a behavior and to use it for survival and evolution is natural and a need of science. Humans are dissociating vital information at a rate history has never seen. Particularly info of environmental destruction. This as you know, can indirectly cause our extinction or de evolution.

Please accept that I have communicated to the American Psychological Association this basic issue of our unconscious minds, with numerous implications, and they are not at all receptive to discourse and are not accountable to any scientific research which is not recent and of their own academic creation. In fact their response ends up very evasive while erroneous with regard to known historical potentials. They are not scientists.

As you may see I am a form of scientist and this letter will carry you with facts and critical thinking to a point that states unequivocally that we are placing ourselves and all other living things in great danger by not understanding the root of how these behaviors exist.
Ideally solution has sequence; first recognition of the problem, then research and understanding of it. Science can then help our growing societies to control themselves so well, that environmental threats subside and humanity begins to shrink to a sustainable overall population.

Science of course is often reminding the populations of vital issues of environmental impact so must know of this dangerous tendency to dissociate difficult info that the individual cannot deal with. The change of improvement takes many or near all people to be meaningful, it takes time as well, and each of us knows this. That action of contacting individuals of the public through media which UCS undertakes, is indirectly seeking a behavioral change, but populations are not changing enough, fast enough. This while official, diplomatic relations appear as a runaway train and continued military conflicts detract from any effort to implement good science.
The environmental message USC sends must compete with thousands of commercial messages which are often counter to what UCS is trying to communicate. This, while laws of our American social contract completely support the messages of scientists about protecting the environment. The government favors the consumer message enough to allow continued, unacceptable levels of pollution from perhaps hundreds of behaviors that have nothing to do with humanities needs.

The point of this letter is to expose a primary scientific ethical failure relating to the behavioral sciences regarding functional understanding of the source of all behaviors. Yes instinctual is the root, but more succinctly, the organizing entity, the unconscious mind is what this is about.
Surprisingly there is a widespread effort by various elements of society which essentially demands science fail in this vital area of applied knowledge. Ironically, it is ourselves, the inner universe that science will examine last, if it is to continue serving the survival of the human species and many other life forms.

My goal here is to provide this information which is scientifically comprehensive to demonstrate that indeed I am a scientist and there is a fully factual basis for my assertion that our behaviors are largely controlled by our unconscious mind. I do not know if the behavioral sciences have these conclusions shown as I do, but if it has, these included diagrams are likely very similar. You may find these have more detail and features or explanation.

The following is an overview:
Our mental existence in time is not well considered by science as it effects the mental operations of scientists, either intuitive or cognitive. This can essentially be could be seen as the beginning of ethics for truly objective science because science is conducted with the mind. Another important missing factor is that which was established by the original book titled, "The Hundredth Monkey". You probably know of the book/concept, but the book was written by 23 Japanese biologists and is proof of science basically removed from the global knowledge base concerning what may be our most prominent and shared human mental state. Another book written in the early 1970's, with the same title confuses the original information.

Please examine the first graphic, sheet 1, titled
"One Year of Your Life", representing all human fundamental existance pattern of mental operation. The key implication is that what is unconscious sleep states between waking states is not necessarily known to be "unmixed" with the rest of unconscious information. This "mixing" is a logical basis for intuitive operations which often contribute heavily to science.
In the area of ethics, our society does not recognize that there may be unconscious influence influencing behaviors, including science.

Our mental experience of life is the vertical value and is assumed basically constant and exclusively maximized when sleeping with the mind 100% involved with its own unique activity. The overall maximum height of the diagram represents that maximized monotype state. The conscious waking state, 14%, might be viewed as an exception with specific tasks of cognition that gain priority over unconscious operation in order to sustain the unconscious, and the exception, at the least.

One Day of Your Life:
The second set of graphics, sheet 2 & 3 "onedayofyourlife" is a closer look at the daily waking state/dream state relationship/transition that appears when the long term implications are considered with the dynamics of daily interactions. The dream state interactions that are automatic of primordial social structure which the original Hundredth Monkey book detailed well in a scientific fashion, was our beginning at understanding ourselves in the greatest sense. Scientific research into the effect noted by 23 biologists authoring the Hundredth Monkey, has never been undertaken.

To orient more fully to this perspective, our mental experience of life is first shown over one year, then again in detail for the transitions from sleep to waking with the existential veil of unconscious operation while waking.

The horizontal arrows should be considered instinctual meanings from our encounter with all that provides for our needs, then our wants, basically the passage of time (media has fatally confused this sequence). For all intents and purposes our unconscious mind is a comparative computer, comparing everything we know to everything else we know (even unconscious) and choosing what it wants most. What is needed for survival must always be held at the forefront and our society is failing at this.

The multiple arrows in the same direction also indicates the dynamics of the meanings in time encountering various stimuli which are known existentially, as a cognitive model with sequence of meaning from moment to moment recorded by the unconscious to be used later.

If waking state perceptions are first seen by the unconscious in control of the neural systems of the sensory organs network, and hallucinations exist, then a copy is instantly transmitted to the conscious, cognitive mind. This may be quite selective depending on unconscious factors and this set of diagrams shows how it may happen and how dream state communications may interact with daily behaviors. Consider what media has done to the nature of our life experience, then in turn, our dreaming.

We are subject to a consciously perceived reality that is filtered through the extension of the unconscious that is also controlling our behaviors. The sourcing of phylogenetic instincts for decisions is normal operation and these diagrams provide some detail on the mental mechanisms interfacing instincts with perceived reality and the resulting behaviors. This is particularly compelling for social interactions that are galvanized with childhood conditioning and later group reinforcement.

The preceding is the basis for understanding our social, mental condition as a species trying to adapt, survive and evolve. What follows are two issues that science cannot ethically disregard if there is unconditional commitment to using knowledge for survival and evolution. The first is medical, psychological relating to behaviors and environmental impact, the other are the social sciences of law, justice and education.

We have gotten to a position where the public mass has behaviors of energy consumption that are dangerous to the environment and it is necessary to create a society that can conserve and modify energy sources/consumption more severely than has been possible. Psychology has been coerced and deprived of knowledge needed to understand the unconscious existence and provide effective mental health care. That same mental health care could be implemented by evolutionary elements of society to create new lifestyles far more efficient and rewarding. Lending themselves to a sustainable society in every way.

With the above understanding, that nearly all of our problems are from behaviors, I've unconditionally sought information I could use to liberate psychology from the barriers of western social mores of church and state. Liberating it might impel it to develop treatments direct to the unconscious that lack the uncertainty of most psychological therapy. This search included litigation against a municipality concealing a mass insanity in order to get medical examinations, court records. This was futile because it became clear, that it was the court that was the prime tool of concealment.

That futility resulted from constant deprivation of rights and due process by the courts in trying to get old records from the jail or accountability from the mental health department. At first, 1998, I thought it was an overlap of church ethics on state courts. Then after 9-11 and my efforts to share what I happened to have learned in 1990 about the design and construction of WTC 1 via a now disappeared documentary that aired on PBS, I realized how badly I needed real free speech and that it did not exist. Now I find that patriots stating they are dedicated to restoration of constitutional government, cannot discuss constitutional intent. The notion that free speech exists to assure information vital to survival is shared and understood is not addressed. By 2004 the courts were taking my drivers license and refusing to recognize documented disabilities in proceeding with no rights and no due process. I can have no bank accounts or credit cards.

I sought relief with a federal lawsuit that basically had no defenses, to protect myself from the state courts and compel compliance to state health and safety code, to find that district court rules had been secretly revised and the automatic assignment of new magistrate and judge due by law. district court rules had been secretly revised and the automatic assignment of new magistrate and judge due by law was bypassed to pretrial dismissal by the same magistrate and judge of 3 previous suits for civil rights violations.
That 4th federal suit was given to a reporter of a local paper who had written a story titled "meths toll on kids". Within 3 weeks there were firings, gagging and resignations at the newspaper. Three days after the public defender, a necessary defendant, was served opposition to a motion to dismiss, he resigned. There is assembled substantiation of this here. The link at the bottom continues to the newspaper issue and meth/eviction matter from there.


From http://algoxy.com at the bottom of the page, is a link to a about media and also disclosures of my knowledge of entities concealing the elements of treason. This information is regarding the structural core of the twin towers and misrepresentation of it.

More recently, methamphetamine manufacturing and distribution is preferred (extreme chemical vapors proven); in a residential neighborhood; over habitable housing, by the state court, also overlooking that the unlawful detainer is a retaliatory eviction, rendered me basically without electricity, heat or internet access. Appeals judges, of the same basic court after recent restructuring of the appeals courts here, basically plead for the landlord who did not answer the appeal brief.

That last legal matter convinced me that the constant injustice and deprivation of old records was for the purpose of preventing our society from understanding how the form of secrecy used to infiltrate the government, conduct 9-11 justifying war, is created and maintained. I continued to disclose to the state court presiding judge (now we no longer have one in Santa Barbara) that it was violating my rights in order to empower secrecy used in treason.

That is the end of the overview of my actions, findings and conclusions which might be seen to have some scientific basis concerning scientists which might create a perspective enabling a very different and functional approach to aiding humanity in its efforts to survive and evolve.

I of course realize that this may seem out of the scope of UCS, or not included in the responsibilities of your office while at the same time your recognize the validity of some of these issues may be present. Then you might ask, "What are you asking of UCS? How can UCS help?"

There are three very meaningful actions that can counter what is happening, or I what I assert is happening.

1) An Article V convention which has proper preparatory amendment by ending the abridging of free speech, securing the vote and reforming campaign finance.

UCS can't do that, but it has credibility and can find people who recognize a need to learn about strategy countering 60 years of misinformation on Article V and another 30 years assembling a false front against it. Article V is our first constitutional right, but no one knows that. My strategy is complete and valid in all ways.

2) Development of mental health care which treats the unconscious mind directly.

UCS can't do this either but can find people who are willing to use existing medical/psychological knowledge to develop and utilize such treatment for profit. There is a good business opportunity which will radically change standards of mental health care and reduce medical, prisons and court costs across the states.

3) Development of a new type of internet forum software called "Poll to Post". The software uses poll responses to sort posts and places the post/thread with the greatest agreement in the most visible position.

This is something UCS could do, and probably use widely in evaluating science and what it is/is not doing in order to put its concerns in the best order and gain adequate public support for the greatest concerns. I noticed a piece of software UCS used to create an animated presentation simulating/tracking the energy resource used in an average vacation.
This proposal has very good profit potential in a number of businesses relating to consumer advocacy. It also will be well applied in political discussion supporting Article V.

Please communicate with me regarding this message. All of our futures are at stake.

Sincerely yours,

Christopher A. Brown

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