Standing Rock "No Dakota Access Pipeline"

Best Long Term Strategy

-A Lawful and Peaceful Revolution by the American people protecting their naturally pure water and air, unalienable rights-

Letter to David Archambault II, chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe


Christopher A. Brown

PO Box 61925
Santa Barbara CA 93160
805 967 4055

Dear David Archambault II, chairman,

Your tribal actions are vital for all of our futures.  Thank you for your courageous and insightful movement protecting your territory and the vital elements all life depends on. This message carries what State Citizens need to know to be involved to positively unify for a fully lawful and peaceful revolution just as the framers of the American founding documents intended. But the heart of it comes from the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy that they knew well.

Please, print this and get it to other tribal leaders, elders and leaders protecting the environment, constitutional scholars and others who specialize in law. I am an activist for the purity of vital elements for 45 years and this is the best possible solution. Not a short term solution, but the best long term solution America can employ. The veterans may appreciate this as it involves every single American State Citizen who wishes to protect our water and air.

The Native law of the American constitution can be upheld by states citizens if they unify around prime constitutional intent.

These declarations are the basis of that unity unconditionally supporting unalienable rights.  Clean air and water are such rights.  Unity in this can, and should end racism, create peace, justice and protect our futures without measure. Our lives and the lives of our children are at stake. Natural law, our instincts are invoked, but the legal process must be understood by a few to have confidence. It is not complicated, but first the all important elements of agreement forming unity that are universal to Americans need to be shared.

--As a Citizen of a state of the united states for America, do you understand, agree and accept then DECLARE it is constitutional intent that the framers of the founding documents intended for us to alter or abolish government destructive to the ideal of our unalienable rights?

As a Citizen of a state of the united states for America, do you understand, agree, accept then DECLARE it is constitutional intent that the ultimate purpose of free speech be to enable the unity adequate to effectively alter or abolish government destructive to the ideal of our unalienable rights?--

Once enough states citizens know and make these declarations invoking our 9th Amendment right, a legal strategy can be used by active state citizens to lawfully control of their state legislatures that have the duty of representing the people at an Article V convention.

When 3/4 of the states are proposing and ratifying amendments at Article V, congress and the court have no authority over what is being done.  This is how the American right to "alter or abolish" manifests. This is why Lincoln said in a 1859 speech, "the people are the rightful masters of the congress and the courts."

The first declaration merely affirms the fact and statement of the Declaration of Independence regarding the American peoples right to alter or abolish government destructive to unalienable rights.  The second declaration confirms a right not enumerated in the constitution but one necessary for the right to alter or abolish to manifest.  Free speech has a sacred purpose and this fact came from Native people.

Another right not enumerated exists because Article V requires all amendments have constitutional intent, while the 9th amendment states that the people retain rights not enumerated which are not to be denied or disparaged. Combined, this fully implies that the American people have a prime right to PREPARE for Article V in order to assure all amendments have constitutional intent. It is not logical to depend on State legislators to be 100% faithful to the American people under these conditions. Your state governor exemplifies this.

Clearly this is true because the people are the only real judges of constitutional intent.  What is proposed can be called "Preparatory Amendment".  It consists of perhaps up to three amendments.  1) Ending the abridging of the purpose of free speech.  2) securing the vote.  3)  Campaign finance reform.

What is not stated in the 9th amendment is that a majority of Americans must agree upon these unenumerated rights.  The above declarations manifest the needed, formal agreement.  As an amendment it primarily consists of revision of the first amendment to include Native law NOT recorded by history but clearly vital to unity.

The missing language in our First AMD. is the "Greater Meaning Of Free Speech" which I was given by a descendent of the Seneca people and it came from their oral histories. I provide this draft as an idea of how the revision would read.

-----DRAFT REV. Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; Congress shall see that nothing abridges the freedom of speech and the primary methods or systems of it shall not be abridged and be first accessible for the purpose of the unity of the people in order to alter or abolish government destructive to their unalienable rights, or with its possible greater meaning through understanding one another in; forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, respect, trust, friendship and love protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Congress shall see that nothing abridges freedom of the press in its service to the unity of the people; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances or defense of this constitution.-----

A step-by-step legal process can be found at the page below. It involves using federal rights properly expressed to polarize state government giving the best of state legislators something to stand for. If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

You should be aware of another effort for Article V. It can effect water and air too, whether it is known it or not. It is called the "Countermand Amendment".  It allows 60% of the states to remove a law they deem unconstitutional and is a completely constitutional proposal because it has elements empowering altering by abolishment of laws not constitutional.

It is promoted by  Its main advocate is Charles Kaprowitz, also it's creator, who knows more about the constitution than anyone I've met. He supports my proposal for a lawful and peaceful revolution but has at least 11 states already applying for Article V.  He is a good man but is a zealous Christian against abortion and due to the abridging of free speech, largely ignorant of the environmental damage which has been done by corporations.

Please consider him an uninformed ally and endeavor to inform him, (if you get the chance) of the fact that to protect the environment women must bring children into and the rights they will have in society, is to reduce their inclination to abort pregnancy.  It is possible he has support from energy corporatists that would use the countermand to try defeat environmental laws if they could.  Your involvement could correct this potential problem before it manifests.

Also, consider that the Koch bros. (ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Council), who may have great interest in the pipeline you seek to block, have been investing in control over state legislators for 25 years for the purposes of hijacking Article V. See the December, 24, 2014 speech on youtube by Mark Levin where he says one thing about Article V to one group, state legislators, (9:30), then at 29:30 he describes the same aspect of Article V completely differently to attendees there with concerns about Article V. The conference of the video is financed by ALEC, or Koch. Levin was invited by Convention of States, a non profit (covertly Koch financed?) who also refuses to discuss constitutional intent as ALEC does.  Those same legislators may try and exploit the countermand AMD. to remove federal environmental control.

I support the countermand amendment but after the end of the abridging of the purpose of free speech so the people can be aware of what state legislators are doing with their powers and then take part democratically to assure vital elements are well protected.

With media serving corporations and the infiltration of government, our real challenge is bridging the gaps between us to inform and unify Americans of this method for the preservation of the constitution and restoring government under it. The principles of the American founding documents have that purpose. Please help give ordinary Americans who support you something meaningful to do. This is not a quick fix, it is a permanent fix. Sharing and agreeing upon these principles is the best solution and future for us all, and is most acceptable to the many different people who care despite their various misleadings, attitude, misinformation or ignorance. Only with our informed concern, as a vital purpose of free speech manifested, can we hope to protect Mother Earth and the sacred elements sustaining our lives and those of seven generations of our children.

Aho!  Be well friends of the earth, I love you all.

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