This Page is an effort to document a Citizens disclosure of their knowledge of the concealment of treason to the President, Donald J, Trump.Certified Return after redirected mail to White House US Secret Service received 11/25/19.


Unsure the WH staff gave the first mailing to him, another was mailed. First class mail to Mar Lago 12/19/19

President Donald J. Trump, c/o Mar Lago resort

1100 South Ocean Boulevard

Palm Beach Florida 33480


RE: Citizens Disclosures of knowledge of concealment of treason.

To the; Honorable President Donald J. Trump,

This is a disclosure of my knowledge of the concealment of treason by persons and entities conducting misprision of murder and treason related to 9/11 and the WTC. The misprision is regarding the structural core of the Twin Towers. This is also disclosure of efforts to disclose pursuant to Title 18 of US code, that were not lawfully accepted pursuant to judicial duty, essentially concealing treason. Disclosure, in the absense of lawful judicial actions, continues to a group who has empaneled a Grand Jury in NYS to examine evidence the WTC commission did not consider.

In Disclosure #1, made in 2010, you will see a letter from the NYCLU about the NYC department of building and the WTC records which were taken By Rudolph Giuliani. Giuliani's warehouse, the Fortress, likely has the building plans for at least the steel exterior and the NYC port authority has the plans for the concrete core structure, the subject of a massive deception of official investigation and of the public which enables concealment of mass murder used to conduct treason.

Disclosure #2, The U.S. District Courts handling of my 2010 DISCLOSURE is concealment of misprision and must be addressed properly.

Disclosure #3, regarding the NYS Grand Jury has probably not been given the information of Disclosure #1 that was provided to the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry requesting they do so, in violation of the very law used to see the Grand Jury empaneled. This behavior is consistent with U.S Judges in the District Court.

 18 U.S. Code § 3332 - Powers and duties
 (a)It shall be the duty of each such grand jury impaneled within any judicial district to inquire into offenses against the criminal laws of the United States alleged to have been committed within that district. Such alleged offenses may be brought to the attention of the grand jury by the court or by any attorney appearing on behalf of the United States for the presentation of evidence. Any such attorney receiving information concerning such an alleged offense from any other person shall, if requested by such other person, inform the grand jury of such alleged offense, the identity of such other person, and such attorney's action or recommendation.

This behavior appears to be allowed by the New York State Attorney General, as they have also been given DISCLOSURE #1 as was the Lawyers committee.

I am prepared to provide more information related to various entities that are essentially aiding and abetting treason or the concealment of it by un reasonably supporting the structural deception that DISCLOSURE #1 of 2010 provides. Contacting August Domel (see EXHIBIT D, of Disclosure #1) through the National Council Of Structural Engineers Associations will provide witness to the fact of the true structural core.

Please see the law upheld and justice provided in this case related to 9/11. Make America Great Again.


Sincerely yours,

Christopher Alfred Brown





2010 Disclosure to U.S. District Court Judges of 9th Circuit.

IN RE; FEMA, PBS, GUILIANI, SILVERSTEIN, - Misprision of murder and treason pursuant to Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115 §2381 US Code.



Disclosure #1


2010 disclosure, 38 pages TOTAL

( NOTE, see page 9- of DISCLOSURE #2, EXHIBIT B for copy of certified return mailing to J. Wales)





Response of the U.S. District Court - Misprision of murder and treason.



(This disclosure, 11/2019)

Regarding District court unauthorized re-filing of Criminal Clerk filing filing, concealing evidence of treason.



------page 1- Face page of re-filed disclosure: Note that the handwritten note of "38 pages" below the criminal clerks stamp of Feb 18, 2010 has been removed.

------pages 2 & 3- Citizens Objection: A two page filing, objecting, explaining what the US district court and judges did to conceal treason. Note the local court rule of the 9th Circuit is inconsistent with Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115 §2381 US Code, as the rule requires judges to only read filed written documents. This allowed the judged to filter the criminal clerk filing of Feb. 18, 2010

------page 4- Certificate of service

------page 5- information of the email and electronic filing.


------page 7- Notice to parties disclosing knowledge of the concealment of treason.

------page 8- CIVIL MINUTES, Honorable Audrey B. Collins Chief United States District Judge. Note the "Proceedings" are March 5, 2010, but the parties disclosing knowledge of the concealment of treason filed the IN RE: with the criminal clerk on Feb. 18. 2010, did not file a "pro se complaint. Judge Manual Real misrepresented the origins of the parties filings.

------page 9, 10 & 11.WIKI-J. Wales /Color copies of certified return mail receipts to District court judges / Lawyers Committee (EXHIBIT C), Lawyers Committee: CERT. RET. / NYS Attorney General: CERT. RET.




-----page 1- Notice to Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry..

-----page 2 & 3- - Page 1 Notice to NYS AG of notice to Lawyers Committee.

- Page 2 Notice to NYS AG of notice to Lawyers Committee.

David Mick of the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. At the very least, these Lawyers, Ed Asner are misled by AE9/11.

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