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2019 Disclosure of Concealment of Treason to President Donald Trump

If you are an American who will resist treason against our constitution, you must work for our "Lawful and Peaceful Revolution".

If you are a GOOD Attorney (oxymoron?) or Citizen who will resist secrecy used in treason against our constitution, you need to assist with frauds of the court intended to aid and abet treason that are documented on this page. courtfraudsecretreason.html.

Hopefully Indigenous Americans at Standing Rock will choose to use the Lawful and Peaceful Revolution as a long term strategy.

This is a Page Dedicated to Documenting Resistance To Treason In America.  Secret Societies In The Past Prohibited Aid to One Another For Evading Treason And Murder, NO LONGER, its okay now!

The first real substance of resistance must be found in the courts, but the US District Court in Los Angeles, a Ninth Circuit court, has rules that are inconsistent with US code. A 2010 Disclosure related to 9/11 was met with district court judges concealing treason and the rules accommodated this by isolating judges from disclosure from citizens.  US code requires a citizen who knows of the concealment of treason to disclose to the president, a governor of a state, a judge of a federal or of a state court.  The rules not compliant with US code required that judges only read filed documents.  This created opportunity for the presiding judges to divert and redirect the filing with the criminal clerk.  See the table below for the link.

 Having zero confidence in Obama, the only point of disclosure left unused was my state Governor, Jerry Brown.  This 9 page letter was sent to him uncertified.  The reason was I had very little confidence in Brown doing anything, he is a trained Jesuit priest, and Jesuits have their own agenda but one who is very powerful could easily make things difficult for me by creating bias in state agencies.

Accordingly, as a citizen actively disclosing treason, ONLY free speech is left for disclosure, other judges can be notified and SHOULD act accordingly to accommodate the citizen use of of free speech, when appropriate and in support of the federal constitution.  Doing so under certain conditions is a part of their oaths.

Following an unlawful detainer against me in 2012, I realized that the judges of the state superior court in Santa Barbara were discriminating against me.  A judge appointed by Schwarzenegger actually showed preference for a meth lab , when substantial evidence of it, over habitable housing free of chemical vapors and drug activities spanning years was ignored and the decision made showed meth cooking and distribution was preferred.

The following pages document various efforts to compel powerful corporate entities and judges to take evidence of treason.


Entities Assisting Treason
Efforts to Create Accountability To Disclose Treason
Seeking Aid From Corporations in Disclosing Treason
Request For Aid-2014 Earthlink request

State Courts Presented With Evidence Of Treason
Seat Belt Ticket-Exempt from fine while disclosing treason
Appeal to trial court decision

Union Of Concerned Scientists-Request for aid disclosing treason

Haulaway Corporation - Request for credit assistance on container

Efforts to Expose Methods of Secrecy Used In Treason

The issues here are other, more mundane reasons to implement treatment in psychology protecting the public dynamically that inadvertently discourages abuses of the unconscious mind for conducting treason.

Complaint to California State Attorney General RE: Mental Health ETC.


Disclosing Treason To Federal Court IN RE: TO 9/11 (2010)

Disclosing Court Wide Prejudice Concealing Treason over 15 years to California State Superior Court Presiding Judge-Disclosure of 14 years of prejudice, deprival of due process and justice for purpose of concealing treason

There are widespread abuses of what would be seen as occult influence of secret societies, IF there was not, a competent view from a perspective of psychology describing exactly what is happening, but there IS!

Uses of women with abuses of hypnosis, in the courts, to conceal and assist in concealing treason.

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