NOTE(6/14/14) Since this letter was written, the CEO of Earthlink INC. has taken action which supports treason by acting to impair disclosure of treason, or alternately, conceal treason by impairing its disclosure. At the bottom is the circumstantial evidence consolidated of the CEO's actions to support this assertion.

NOTE(2/14/14-Edited): This letter was hastily prepared and links below are in a slightly different order as the hard copy. A financial emergency makes itself obvious and is very stressful. Keep in mind, I've been trying to get justice for 16 years, without success, and no help. How would you feel in this situation?

Three years after I started seeking justice, 3,000 people were murdered in 20 seconds, with secret methods. I knew then that I would eventually know how it was done. By 2003 I had assembled all the info needed to create the most tangible, detailed and technically accurate theory in existence.  It is imperative I continue, for all of our futures. Thank you for reading and following the links. Please grant the requested assistance so I may continue to disclose treason.

NOTE:The date is not filled in, which is not legal by postal regulation.  This return was also a week or more behind another sent seen below.  Both were mailed on the same date.

Chief Executive Officer and President
Joe Eazor
1375 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Christopher A, Brown
PO Box 61925
Santa Barbara CA 93160
805 967 4055

RE: Continued work on national security, environment and domestic stability. Credit on email account.

Dear earthlink INC, Joe Eazor CEO,
I am an activist for America without parallel. I've learned about treason and the secret method of mass murder on 9-11.
I've been disclosing formally pursuant to title 18, part I, chapter 115, 2382 of United States Code.

Only to discover that the district court is not in compliance with U.S.C. and acts to conceal treason.

These pages have scanned documents showing what the district court did.

I'm also an advocate for advanced mental health care for substance abuse. A 2006 lawsuit was sabotaged by the same court by a secret revision of local court rules.

On that page is also the story of my local newspaper(s) colluding with the county to evade public knowledge of the suit. Gagging of reporters, firings and resignations ensued.
I then realized that all deprivations of justice and collusion were designed to impair my disclosures of treason. At that point I disclosed this fact to the superior court presiding judge of the state court primarily involved.
All this means I've been deprived of the income needed to live and keep vital services paid up. I need earthlink INC. to help me by providing credit to my account,
I am also conducting unconditional defense of the constitution against a domestic enemy who is covertly confusing, distracting and misleading Americans who are trying to defend the constitution. My strategy can be seen here.

Maybe you are the kind of American that approves of this and are willing to see earthlink help me with credit. Who knows, you maybe the kind of American that would consider further help. I have some excellent ideas for web forum software that would end the infiltrations for those seeking to conduct constitutional defense. The software also has potent commercial application.
If earthlink can help with credit, let me know. If there is interest in my commercial ideas, please contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Christopher A. Brown


Below is the return receipt for the original certified mail. The receipts below it was mailed on the same day and returned immediately. The Earthlink return took weeks. Notice the date of it received at Earthlink in Georgia is not filled in.

I found the same message in my online access to my email account at the Earthlink site. FYI, I have never used folders for sorting mail. This was created by the hacker of my account, which logically, circumstantially, was Joe Eazor because of the date coinciding with the certified mailing, or someone acting for him. The accounts sent folder was merged with the inbox and the password changed. I opened the paid Earthlink account in 1998 and have used the original random password for it ever since that time, 44k 234dt.

This is a screenshot of the message in my other account at lycos which was hacked. What I read is mocking, false platitude of 9-11 activism that are designed to mislead. This account also had its password changed but limitations there prevented merging sent mail into the inbox.