Testing Kamala Harris

The real test here is if the attorney general recognizes by action, legitimate psychology enabled by law; or the fact that the unconscious mind of individuals controls them to significant degrees; greatly enhances public health and safety.
Just because there was no answer does not mean there was no action taken on the information.  Some recent changes indicate some action could have been taken.  Here we may see the adhesion, by the individual, as an official, to SECRECY.  Simply because social fears of recognizing the human unconscious, improperly applied for centuries prevents any public discussion of its abuse.

That abuse amounts to massive secrecy in control of governments.
Also, this inquiry and info to an official at this level could easily evidence the conclusion that good politicians must be careful of how much good they do for the public.  The powers behind political control will prevail if the people do not unite with understanding of how to simply use a well directed majority position that is ultimately completly constitutional, and control their states.

When this is done by providing something so unquestionably constitutional for the best politicians to align with, this problem is offset significantly as the people "Watch the back" of the politicians that align with them and the most prime constitutional intent. Summary of Article V as a tool of law as states must use when the people direct them to alter or abolish a federal government that is destructive to unalienable rights.

Christopher A. Brown
PO Box 61925
Santa Barbara CA 93160
805 967 4055

Office of the Attorney General
1300 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814-2919

RE: Santa Barbara County Public safety, mental health care, assistant district attorneys, public defenders, sheriffs department.

Dear Kamala Harris, California State Attorney General,
This complaint spans 18 years of violations of state and federal laws by Santa Barbara County law enforcement as well as divisions of the county mental health department, county, the public defenders office and the district attorney as well as the state superior court, county counsel and other departments. The S.B.co district attorney was advised of the law enforcement violation of state laws in 1999, and has shown nothing but contempt for my efforts to increase public safety since then. Since the State Superior Courts and federal courts are collusive along with local media, it is doubtful your authority reaches high enough to intervene widely.
This collusion is seen in the Weldon letter (p.2) regarding firings and gagging of reporters and editors in 2006. Since the council on judicial performance is complicit going back to before 2004, and ignores the collusion with the county, no other entity exists besides your office with authority over of some of the actors. The damage to the public of these violations cannot be over estimated.
The ongoing damages can only be stopped, or minimized by an entity of great authority taking some action. Accordingly, this complaint comes to you with the hope that your authority is great enough to have some effect, and that you have the will to see lawful government with the most effective mental health care possible in the interest of greater public safety health and welfare.

There are four separate cases that involve district attorneys, public defenders and law enforcement here in Santa Barbara County. The individuals effected in the various actions that are evidenced besides myself are; Hilary Dabney, Dennis Anthony Weldon, Sally Brown. A minor, Eri Delmarsh case is mentioned but no evidence is provided here.

This series of official lapses of lawfulness began with a letter from the Santa Barbara county sheriffs department from 1998, Exhibit 1, admitting to failure to appear upon subpoena, a violation of state law. This relates to all of these cases because it deals with mental health care or behaviors. Exhibit 2 a witnessed declaration from George Michael Skuse stating the records subpoenaed were in the counties possession a year before the failure to appear on subpoena. I learned of the existence of the subpoenaed documents from him.
The failure to appear is at the root of all of the problems or issues as part of this complaint. With the arrest and booking records subpoenaed, I would have been able to compel psychology to develop mental health care treatment that was effective for drug and alcohol abuse as well as a wide variety of mental illnesses and criminal behaviors. This treatment would have widely benefitted the public with enhanced public safety and health through effective interventions.

Exhibit 3 is a letter to Santa Barbara County deputy public defender Christine Voss who was representing a friend, Dennis Anthony (Tony) Weldon. The letter mentions Hilary Dabney with her court case number and my efforts to get records. It has attached to it a letter from the Director of the County Mental health department providing de facto approval of a proposed treatment and a photo of Weldon’s injuries. The deputy public defender for Dabney mentioned in that letter, Mark Satjian, one of the best in the county, without a doubt, because he had filed a pleading of some type that has still not been seen despite numerous attempts to get the complete case file. If you could procure a copy and mail it to me I would be very appreciative. A copy of that entire letter was delivered for inclusion in a grand jury complaint by Dennis Anthony Weldon, which is included as a part of Exhibit 3. There is also the certified mail return for my mailing to the Grand Jury of the evidence that was described by Weldon in his Grand Jury complaint that was made while in custody,

Exhibit 4 Exhibit 4 (p.2) is a letter originally written by Weldon, transcribed by Hillenbach, describing more fully, parts of what are in the grand jury complaint. In addition it should be made clear that prosecutorial misconduct is present because in discovery, video of an arrest was never produced and his public defender refused to subpoena the video. This is incompetent defense serving abuses of law enforcement, unconstitutionally supplanting incarceration for effective mental health care. Exhibit 4 also describes an alleged murder of an inmate at the SB co. jail as did the grand jury complaint. Weldon asserts the abuses of him were retaliation of his efforts to learn more of the circumstances of the death of his friend, a fellow veteran in custody. Herein is where the failure to appear on subpoena in 1998 begins to show massive suffering and damage to the public while serving governmental justification of increasing prison space. Here is an acknowledged, related problem elsewhere in California.

LA times source: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Ronald Brock alleges department peers and superiors bullied, discriminated against, threatened, and then fired him for protesting inmate abuse in several LA County jails, including Men’s Central Jail and Twin Towers.

Exhibit 5 is a Freedom of Information request relating to the letter from the Senior director of the mental health department, it was ignored by the county supervisors. Since April 18, 2000, the Clerk of the boards files were accessed and the letter removed somewhere after that date by 2003. It was re filed with the clerk as the time/date stamp shows.

This situation has all elements of a RICO action, but I well know there is no attorney willing to take the case and no court unbiased enough to justly bring such an action in. All California Counties face similar issues.

The federal lawsuit mentioned in Exhibit 3, was re filed after being dismissed some years before. I relied on an 1880's federal rule of court which provided a new magistrate and judge to a civil rights case that had been filed pro se, dismissed and re filed with new co plaintiffs. The rule mandated a new magistrate and judge be assigned to the re filed case. That local court rule was removed with no public notice, and no note of revision, violations of the Administrative Office for the U.S. District Court regulation. The case was assigned to the same magistrate and judge then dismissed. Three grandmothers joined the suit in order to get mental health care for alcoholic children. Three of those have died in the last ten years.

I have been unable to find copy of the local court rules for the central district court of Los Angeles from 2004 or earlier that have the separate section titled "Assignment of Magistrates and Judges" at the beginning. Please, if possible from your resources, send me a copy of that section of the rules.

Sally (Sara) Brown, (ex-wife, divorced due to substance abuse) was arrested on a drug violation and a protective order (PO) was improperly applied. The DA used erroneous information from estranged family members to justify the PO. Due process was violated when there was no hearing regarding the order. Later, an effort to vacate the order was met with a criminal court judge insisting the case belonged in family law court. In family law court, May 19, 2015, the subpoenaed witness from the adult protective services (APS), Olga Zermano, who Brown had made a complaint of elder abuse to, failed to appear. Exhibit 6 is the subpoena of Zermano, Exhibit 7 is Declarations of Sara Brown and her partner regarding the failure to appear in court. Assistant District Attorney Kelly Scott also subpoenaed, appeared but did not surrender subpoenaed documents then. See Exhibit 8 (items subpoenaed), subpoena for Scott later, July 20, 2015 and Exhibit 9 (2nd. Dec) are Declarations regarding the de-facto failure to appear and produce documents subpoenaed for that hearing in criminal court.

The family law court declined to assert its authority over the subpoenaed witnesses stating on the record it was a criminal matter.

Eri Delmarsh is now serving six months in retaliation for violating probation when courts failed to use sentencing guidelines of legislative intent three years earlier. This is a compilation of legislative intent regarding juvenile justice published by he Legislative Analyst Office, http://www.lao.ca.gov/1995/050195_juv_crime/kkpart5.aspx

"Goals of the Juvenile Justice System. Both California's adult and juvenile justice systems have as one of their goals public safety. California's adult system also has punishment of offenders as a goal, while California's juvenile justice system has a different goal--treatment and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders. To this end, the state's juvenile justice system has a broad array of methods and programs for addressing juvenile crime, taking into account the severity of the offense and the background of the offender. "

Nov. 4, 2014. Proposition 47 was adopted with 59% of the vote as an attempt to reduce prison overcrowding and to stress rehabilitation rather than punishment for nonviolent crimes such as petty theft and drug possession

Eri was 15 years old and arrested for theft as he was removing aluminum cans from a dumpster for the purpose of recycling. His next offense was for driving his fathers car without a drivers license, this happened twice. Then 4 marijuana plants were found in the back yard which were attributed to him by the sheriffs, but household members stated it was a friend of his who placed them there. Then he was drunk in public. After these offenses he was released on electronic monitoring. Following a period of weeks he left the assigned space and a warrant was issued resulting in a manhunt. He was arrested a few weeks later and has been incarcerated ever since in what appears as retaliation. He was prosecuted by DA Arnie Tokes and defended by public defender Rachel Solomon His 18th birthday passed in January of 2016 while he was in juvenile hall. California legislation goals were ignored in sentencing from the beginning, resulting in the current situation. This, from my understanding of the depth and breath of hidden issues behind these things, in Eri's case is the least of the impacts of these governmental acts.

There have been 22 Santa Barbara residents killed in mass murders since 2001. Two of the first perpetrators sought help at the county mental health department, but no effective treatment was gained. In total, the two seeking treatment killed 10 people (2001 & 2006). Further in time, on May 23, 2014, 6 people were killed in a mass murder in Isla Vista (I.V) by Elliot Rogers. His two psychologists were unable to determine his agenda despite many years of therapy.
With the experimental treatment described in the letter from the Senior Director of the Mental Health Department in 1999 developed under governmental immunity; thereupon approved and made available to psychology generally; there is a every chance that Rodgers psychologists in the years of treatment he had seen, would have tried the new treatment and learned of his potential for lethal violence, thus intervening in his act of mass murder years before it happened.

The intent of California Health and Safety code 1370.4 must be widely interpreted towards the greater public safety and welfare. Instead, we have evasion of it starting in 1998.

Following the May 23, 2014 mass murders in I.V, three months later, Nicholas Holzer killed his two sons and parents with knives. With the hope that the Hippocratic oath would control the doctors ordered by judge Brian Hill to provide a psychological examination of him, I sent letters to them at the Atascadero State Hospital. See Exhibit 10 The letters request they employ treatment direct to the unconscious mind to possibly uncover the motive of the defendant. Copies of the letter and copies of the certified mail returns are included with this letter.

More currently a mass murder March 23rd 2016, of three family members, Henry Han, his wife and daughter; has the accused, Pierre Haobsh, in jail. Public defenders were turned away from representing him by the sheriffs and had to obtain a court order to determine if he wanted counsel or was unable to make the decision for some reason and needed counsel. These facts were_ruled moot by Judge Montes De Oca_ who_postponed Haobsh’s arraignment.

In my own family law case 209449 of the Santa Barbara State Superior court, then deputy public defender, Raimundo J. Montes de Oca, refused to use a valid defense of promissory estopple to an ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE for contempt in not paying child support. Montes de Oca, during the time of those court proceedings, said to me, "You will never get the arrest and booking records", records subpoenaed in 1998. Since that time he was promoted to public defender after my 2006 federal civil rights lawsuit naming him and the public defender James Egar as defendants. It was under his leadership that Eri Delmarsh, Hilary Dabney and Dennis Anthony Weldon were deprived of justice either by defense neglect or prosecutor mal conduct unchallenged by public defenders. Montes de Oca was promoted to a sitting judge by the governor.

This complaint is based in the following law of the state constitution.

SEC. 13. Subject to the powers and duties of the Governor, the Attorney General shall be the chief law officer of the State. It shall be the duty of the Attorney General to see that the laws of the State are uniformly and adequately enforced. The Attorney General shall have direct supervision over every district attorney and sheriff and over such other law enforcement officers as may be designated by law, in all matters pertaining to the duties of their respective offices, and may require any of said officers to make reports concerning the investigation, detection, prosecution, and punishment of crime in their respective jurisdictions as to the Attorney General may seem advisable. Whenever in the opinion of the Attorney General any law of the State is not being adequately enforced in any county, it shall be the duty of the Attorney General to prosecute any violations of law of which the superior court shall have jurisdiction, and in such cases the Attorney General shall have all the powers of a district attorney. When required by the public interest or directed by the Governor, the Attorney General shall assist any district attorney in the discharge of the duties of that office.

Thank you for taking action wherever you may regarding these threats to public safety and safeguarding the public interests of lawful, open government.

Sincerely yours,

Christopher A. Brown
Cc: CA Social Services

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