Santa Barbara Superior Court 209449, Family Law

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The best that can come from all of this is that our society develops a robust and competent and understanding of our unconscious existence and how it controls our world. At the root of all of this is the subpoena of records which expose a socially harrowing capacity of human mental potential and performance or behavior associated with it... That mental and capacity is the most strictly taboo subject

This case began with its documentation in 1997 with a prejudiced judge exhibiting his inability to observe a conspiracy, then with his failure to observe his prejudice when documented for him with a Motion to disqualify.

The Federal suit CV99-11189 found at provides documentation and some links to actions filed in case 209449.


Note, aspects of CV99-11189 have bizarre elements and should be taken with the understanding that our society DOES NOT know everything about the human mind and the plaintiff of that suit, the respondent in these family law actions, had just learned quite a bit more than is generally accepted in this society. The suit was filed in desperation with a knowingness that the unknown aspects of our human unconscious mind were going to be exploited to create massive terrorism (9-11) and unending war in the middle east.

That judge from 1997 was sued in small claims court for filing fees and failed to appear. A retired woman judge living in Nevada was brought in to dismiss the case despite the law providing a default judgement upon non appearance by the defendant. Santa Barbara County colluded with the State Superior Courts to evade State laws of record keeping. The California State superior Court also colluded with their own to avoid accountability to state laws of their judges.

This is not a complete documentation of this case. What is done here is the meaningful aspects, that NEED to be shown for the public to understand HOW far from reasonable performance our courts have gone. With that comes the responsibility to decide to allow it, or oppose it.

Below, notice that the respondent has filed many legal defenses but the petitioner, County of Santa Barbara has filed only one pleading. This is because the commissioner is acting to prosecute the Counties case and there is no need to prosecute their civil case. Such is the reason state law provides that commissioners cannot make final decisions and 3/25/04 Notice of Objection before them are required to be finalized by a judge when objection is provided in writing. State forms are provided. This law was never followed Accordingly, the entire court system in Santa Barbara has failed in a primary duty and this is shown by a special family law clerk that does the violations of right in the clerks office.

Respondents Defenses/Actions Transcripts Petitioner, County of Santa Barbara/State Court Actions
Request For Judicial Notice March 30, 2004. 209449reqjudnot3.30.4.html Transcripts of March 30, 2004 Debtors Examination Order to Show cause for Contempt
Opening Brief In Removal of Public Defender, (Marsden Motion), April 21, 2006 Transcripts of May 3, 2006. Hearing of Marsden Motion. Tentative decisions and order of Marsden Motion, May 3, 2006
Notice of Motion and Motion Requesting Amendment of Minute Order. June 22, 2006.

Respondents Motion To Quash O.S.C for Contempt, RE: Equitable and Promissory Estopple

Respondents Supplemental Pleading To Motion To Quash Proceedings, O.S.C. Contempt, Public Interest; Equitable and Promissory Estopple, June 2, 2006

Respondents Requests for Judicial Notice In Support of Motion to Quash Proceedings Equitable and Promissory Estopple. June 22, 2006

Notice of Disability; Requests for Judicial Notice of Respondents Physicians Examination, 11/14/06 Transcripts of November 27, 2007 Contempt Hearing

Findings and Order Regarding Contempt. August 8. 2007
Respondents Request for Judicial Notice, Memorandum of Disability RE: O.S.C Contempt, April 17, 2007

Respondents Amended Notice of Motion and Motion To Disqualify Commissioner Sterne, December 11, 2007

Respondents Request for Judicial Notice, Declarations RE: Disability In Support of Motion To Disqualify, 12/11/07

Respondents Supplemental Pleading To Motion to Disqualify; Requests for Judicial Notice, 12/11/07
Declaration of Colleen Sterne in answer to Amended Motion To Disqualify, January 17, 2008
Respondents Motion to Strike Declaration In Answer to Motion to Disqualify, February 14, 2008

Respondents Notice of Motion and Motion For Evidentiary Hearing, February 14, 2008

Respondents Notice of disability, February 29, 2008
Order denying Motion to Disqualify and Request For Evidentiary Hearing, March 11, 2008
Respondents Motion for estoppel June 13, 2017
Order denying motion for estoppel with prejudice June 13, 2017.

My Affidavit of violations of right by Colleen Sterne under color of authority.

After these events commisioner Colleen Sterne was promoted by governor Scwarzenegger to sitting judge despite all the deprivations of constitutional rights documented in the family law section multiplied many times by other families in Santa Barbara County.

After the foregoing legal abuse, my PTSD and ADHD are aggravated to the point where any legal action at all, especially making copies and service timely, is not possible.

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