Were the 2006 Newspress Resignations/firings/disputes and the Resignation of the County Public Defender Related to the Injustice and Social Impacts of the Federal Lawsuit?

Considering the alternative of deeming these facts, with their timing, as unrelated, the proposition has merit.

A copy of the lawsuit against the county filed CV06-2085 complaint for "Injunctive Relief and Specific Performance Filed in the U.S. District Court April 6, 2006 was delivered to the Newspress for Hildy Medina with the below cover letter received by the lobby receptionist initials & SPNP in the top left corner.

That was 10 days AFTER she authored an article called "METH'S TOLL ON KIDS" and 9 days after the lawsuit was filed. The article made me realize that the lawsuit was exceptionally relative so I provided a copy to her with the above cover letter.

August 2013-Courts appear to prefer methamphetamine manufacturing and distribution over habital rental housing and safe nieghborhoods.

A copy of the lawsuit and notice of the Newspress articles relations along with this cover letter went to the Santa Barbara Independent.

Then . . . a month later.



The July 6, 2006, incident

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors is informed of the resignations of reporters and the Public Defender, relationship to the Federal lawsuit against the County and that I had spoken 100 times to the board beginning in 1998.

At the September 17, 2013 board meetiing public comment they were reminded that I warned them in 2000 that the abcense of competent mental health care was going to place Santa Barbara residents in lethal danger from extreme behaviors. The county is dissociating the fact that 2 mass murders left 11 people dead by 2006 and both murderers sought help but got none from the mental health department..

"In the five years after McCaw bought the newspaper from the New York Times Company, five publishers and several editors resigned or were fired. Newsroom employees complained that Wendy McCaw unduly influenced reporting of the news, while she contended that the supervision of content was her responsibility as owner."

Do the black tee-shirts symbolize a threat of blacklisting?

Then, a month later the Santa Barbara County Public Defender James Egar, a defendant in the lawsuit, resigned from his position suddenly.

This was a few days after the filing of the "Plaintiffs Reply to Defendants Opposition to Plaintiffs Application for Injunctive Relief" of the appeal in the ninth circuit. Logically all the defendants are served a copy before the filing date because proofs of service must accompany the filing.

The one thing the Newspress event and the resignation of the Public Defender all have all have in common is that no one will talk about any of it. No aspect ever.

A variety of accumulated issues seem to be used to provide some answers in both cases. A lawsuit was filed by the Newspress against the Independent, but the independent printed nothing about the lawsuit that was filed against the county, nor that the Newspress had been provided a copy of that suit, with the cover letter, weeks before the firings/resignations etc. began.

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