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Accordingly, Americans must take action within their "Lawful and Peaceful Revolution".

This site, referenced by the video documentary, "CIRCA" details the producers continued legal experience and effort to gain accountability by Santa Barbara county to state law relating the meanings of record keeping and information vital in development of adequate mental health care for the public benefit.

A site of legal, historical significance by,

Christopher A. Brown

A site documenting the dysfunction and corruption of the American Legal system with intent to prevent medical understandings of the human unconscious mind.

The lawsuits of this effort to gain justice in one particular area relating to historical psychological events, landmarks of human behavior, began 10 years ago in Santa Barbara California.

The lawsuit presented here seeks Specific Performance compelling Santa Barbara County to administer an Experimental Treatment by order of the Federal Court to help alcoholics, drug addicts and others with mental problems to heal and become functional in our world.

This legal action arose from a long running pattern and policy by the US government of discriminating against indigenous Americans or those supportive of understanding them and their historical uses of the unconscious mind as a part of their religion. The legal actions seek to apprehend and correct the fore named discrimination to gain lawful provision in the public benefit for appropriate mental health care with utilizations of historical knowledge of the human unconscious mind. The discriminations exhibited under guise of the practices of family law courts, at this shows persecutorial abuses of power. That then intermingled deprival of access to courts federally by unconstitutional abrogational structures stripping rights from laws at the appelate level where "Rules of Courts" are created, appointing the same judges in civil rights cases despite expanding civil rights issue, (see the supreme court petition for writ of certiorari) to prevent citizens prosecution of violations of federal civil rights in federal courts. Also showing collusion on a federal level ignoring the municipalities failure to follow laws, absent records and protecting its use of its States courts to retaliate.

Our society has a deep need for official behaviors that are accountable and competent for social services in all forms relative to the human condition. Americans must overcome the divisions created by media and unify behind the definition of principles and value of the US Constitution.

Families deserve justice.

In this case a municipalities use of State courts to persecute and punish a citizen with family law court retaliating for the citizens efforts to gain lawful performance from the municipality, the violation of civil rights and derelictions of duty against oath are immense.

First federal action demanding injunctive relief and specific performance.

Plaintiff Actions to Gain Lawful Performance by Government through filings in Federal Court Defensive Actions of Santa Barbara County or State Court Employees Actions Of the District Court
CV06-2085 complaint for "Injunctive Relief and Specific Performance Filed in the U.S. District Court April 6, 2006 Defendants Motion to Dismiss
Opposition to the defendants Motion To Dismiss. May 12, 2006
Magistrates Report and Recommendations, July 21, 2006
Plaintiffs Notice of Ex Parte Motion, Application for Ex Parte Submission and Motion to Strike Defendants Motion to Dismiss As Insufficient Defense. May 12, 2006

First Supplemental Requests for Judicial Notice and Pleadings in Support of; Ex-parte Application for Plaintiffs Motion to Strike Opposition to Defendants Motion To Dismiss. May 19, 2006

Opposition To Defendant Sternes Motion to Dismiss. May 25, 2006

Plaintiffs Notice of Motion, Exparte Motion; Application for Injunctive Relief, Order to Show Cause, Temporary Restraining Order. June 7, 2006

Reply To Defendants Opposition To Application For Injunctive Relief; Requests For Judicial Notice. June 15, 2006

Objection To the Magistrates Ruling and Recommendations. July 17, 2006

Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals

United States Court Of Appeals For The Ninth Circuit
Appellants Appeal Brief September 25, 2006
Appellees Brief B06-56200, November 13, 2006

Appelants Optional Appeal Brief, November 30, 2006

Ninth Circuit Decision, B06-56200. October 5, 2007
Ninth Circuit Appellants Petition for Rehearing En Banc, B06-56200, November 1, 2007

MEMO: RE; Petition for panel rehearing and petition for rehearing en banc, November 19, 2007

United States Supreme Court (trickery)

Forma En Pauperis Petition
Petition for Writ of Certiorari

Family Law Case 209449

Courts acting outside the US Constitution not held accountable.

The below Family Law case caused the plaintiff to file Federal Action CV06-2085 because the behavior of the County and the judges of the California State Superior Court were basically retaliatory against me for my seeking copies of public records via subpoena which are very sensitive but also vital for establishing veracity of the experimental treatment. The County of Santa Barbara is using the State Superior Court or its officers within the family law case as a tool to attempt destroy me in effort to evade compliance with state law and prevent, sensitive legal, historical fact from becoming public knowledge. No 14th amendment, due process in recent rights deprivations.

The index for the family law case has a more detailed set of links

Actions of the Court or County of Santa Barbara Defensive Actions of Christopher A. Brown
Order to Show cause for Contempt Request For Judicial Notice March 30, 2004.
Recent rights deprivations
Respondents Motion To Quash O.S.C for Contempt, RE: Equitable and Promissory Estopple Declaration of Colleen Sterne in answer to Amended Motion To Disqualify, January 17, 2008

The secrecy of the Newspress 2006 Incident and the County Public Defender Resignation-Related to the Federal Lawsuit?

The BLM and USFS Collude/Conspire With A State Surveyor To Perpetuate Historical Fraud

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