World Trade Center 1, 9-11 "Spire" Location

The below superimposition of the intact towers over the spire formed on 9-11 locates the spire inside the towers faces. The "spire" is an "Interior box column" outside the north west concrete core corner. "Interior box columns" are called such because they are the inner framing supports for the exterior steel framework The red arrow indicates perhaps what is the interior box columns with the moment frame on the north core side.
I did not make this superimposition but accept its accuracy.
The below is a zoomed selection of the overlay used above. At the World Financial Center 1 (WFC1) on the bottom right, we can compare the superimposition for similarity of the point of perspective in the before and after images. The pictures are taken from virtually the same place.
The 9-11 image used in the superimposition is below and the perspective relating to WFC1 appears identical. It is an often seen view of the spire from the west across the Hudson Seen at the north end of the framework outside the core that supports the floors. Floor beams are seen creating rectangles with the interior box columns.
Both photos were taken from a park and Hudson river view point off of Audry Zapp Drive. Note the proportions of the shapes between the building in front of WFC 1 and WFC 1 in both images. The above zoom is of the FEMA document cover used to show before 9-11 superimposed over the 9-11 image.
It is worth noting that in the above image, the men standing about appear as security. The absence of people at the rail by the water shows us those men were keeping people away from that vantage point. Those in charge knew that concrete, or its elements, seen below as rebar, might be visible from Zapp drive.
This image was taken seconds after the above by the same camera from a moving car.

The below image shows the spire of WTC 1 on the right with the end view of the west concrete core wall on the left. The north core wall and interior box columns have previously come down affording a view through the empty core area. See the spire sequence page for alternative views. Elevator guide rails located inside the core had no lateral strength to stand without the concrete core supporting it.
Below the spire again but from the north east past the east end of WTC 7. The floor beams can be easily seen in this view. Behind the framed inner wall of the outer steel framework, is the concrete core wall making a sloping edge.
Below the core area behind the wall is empty. Note that the elevator guide rails support steel on the inside of the core wall has NO protrusions for floor attachment whereas the interior box columns outside the core does.

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