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"After the Event" is a conglomeration of autobiographical events surrounding the period of time following the authors "awakening", an event in itself, to the dynamic fact of his lifelong post hypnotic control. That "awakening" has been in the midst of another global event called, "The Quickening" which is not properly understood. "After the Event" uses the authors intimate understanding of the unconscious mind from his "awakening" to explain a few of the many events of "The Quickening" created and coordinated by the ancient spiritual factions of the planet exploitining the circadian rhythm to demonstrate their inherent, potential control by the unconscious mind over humanity, in general.

A natural focus of human instinct documented by the book is love, or how it can be used to control us in naturally positive ways, as well as negative ways. The exploitation of sexuality and physical beauty of the female by corporate interests for profit and control of American humanity can be seen in the authors fixation on it which were inherent in the usurpation of his natural prerogatives in western society as they were and are balanced against his instincts to protect his children. What is illustrated is that the greater need of human existence IS the securing of the well being of the next generation IF the dependence of it upon our actions is invoked through awareness of the threat against it and a focus on parental love instead of sex. That the authors experience is described showing that the invocation was accomplished directly through an exclusive link to his unconscious existence, that the unconscious, not the conscious mind is in control of life relating to these primary matters and the conscious will not know or be able to intervene in the actions taken in a persons life, with respect to a humans primary purpose. Humanities abandonment of the fundamental recognition and use of the unconscious mind can be seen as the reason for its lack of control over its actions or the existence of war and pollution which threaten the next generation widely.

Through the inherent truth telling within "After the Event", of what has been "taboo" within European society, then imposed upon the world, having the long term value to all humanity, of this book resides in the potential deeper acceptance and understanding of our unconscious existence..

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