Excerpt from pages 9-11:

As time passed I realized that what was happening in my life was indeed real and bizarre beyond comparison. Immersed in a mind control experiment conducted by a group of people who were not conscious of what they were doing. My original instructions and those of the two medicine men, William and his brother, were part of a program which had been imposed on the individuals of the medicine community from their past, from their oral histories that were carried through the use of hypnosis and access to the unconscious mind.

Before the entire group of Medicine people had used their hypnotic skills to remove their peoples conscious awareness of their hypnotic abilities, shrines and oral histories to protect themselves, they consciously created a default program of actions to bring their people back to consciousness. The default program depended on the involvement of a male White child. When that child became involved and interacted with the program of the Medicine men it triggered their actions and a continuation of the process.

Interaction from my own instructions over the years provided the necessary signals to William and his brother Ralph. Now they were struggling with their unconsciousness and the fact that I was conscious of their sophisticated abilities. The trance and techniques the Medicine community was utilizing was capable of involving people completely in scenarios that the individuals influenced were completely unaware of. They would be acting for conscious reasons they could justify. However, the real reason they were doing what they were doing would be unknown to them. Nothing that happened was very out of the ordinary for anybody however serious accidents do happen and people do have attitudes and then disagree. Conflicts and drama could erupt in places that seemed normal but the psychological impact was sometimes severe and a result of feeding conditions to them that matched their original instructions. Helping the Natives to become consciousness became the fi rst issue that I was forced to deal with.

Direct confrontation served no purpose. Much of my Native directed thinking had indicated that a scenario was needed. One where they had a role and I had a role secretly designed by them to awaken them. In the scenario they were good and powerful people forced to use their sacred knowledge to hurt someone as a demonstration of the knowledge and itÕs function just so the person would understand. The extreme subtlety of post hypnotic instruction and memory control working together made it necessary to hammer an individual capable of surviving the beating simultaneous with writing an account of the experience. That documentation acts as a demonstration of power, with severity that eventually begins to break down the barriers created with mortal fear and ancient forms of hypnosis. The fear and the collective instructions coupled with an ingenious technique of memory control left all of the tribal society completely unconscious of the activity.

There were two situations which would bring the Medicine people to consciousness. Court was the place in their minds that brought the greater meaning to the truth. Court was where it all started and was the place that the Natives wanted it to end. The Native appreciation of the Court was an ancient one. The Court was the place where the truth gained its greater meaning. Nearly all the modern people I mentioned this to would laugh because their perception of the Court was one that appreciated the Court only for its dysfunction.

The Native account of history and the function of the Court included the original function, which utilized the trance. The Truthsayer was the single most important person in the function of the Court. The trance that the Truthsayer induced was so deep that any person influenced by it would tell the truth when asked. The reason this worked is because the persons mind was conditioned from childhood to go to a somnambulistic state. The truth served its sacred function in decision making which protected love and life, the two most important things to the human unconscious.

Modern Courts had an arbitrary function which, haphazardly at best, found the truth based only on physical evidence that may or may not exist. Judging by the actions of the Courts or justice system in my home town, there was either a great fear of the trance or a contempt for the truth or both.

The Natives in their effort to consciously serve their purpose had controlled me all of my life with post hypnotic instruction coming out of my deep memory. Later when it was time within the process, they beat me into consciousness by abusing their hypnotic control over me. The abuse shocked me and the memory barrier began to break down. The view I had of my past had become an undeniable account of the veracity and power of the trance or deep memory. In recent years, William and others, consciously and unconsciously, had been teaching me different aspects of their ancient knowledge which I might need in the task of bringing them to consciousness.

There were two basic approaches. The first and best because of its sureness was a Court of law. However the nonexistent precedent (missing case files made it extremely difficult to make a case which could continue to the point where the Natives would be Court room.) The second approach was a cultural one. However in the environment of modern America the confusion was so great that even though I had circumstantial evidence proving the existence of an event in the local Courts which was covered up, people would rather believe in a variety of new age things rather than the ancient truth of our human unconscious.

Greg Baker had said, I had a good mind for legal thinking and that I should work with the Chumash to get the government into court. He said they had gotten caught up in doing a number of things which went against what they stand for. They have another problem, something that happened back about a hundred years or so. Theyre all bound up about it, they hope you can help them to become functional in the community again.

Greg (and William) said that they considered the system totally unworkable and corrupt to the point of total mindless, heartless destruction. They wanted me to expose them but do it in court with their cooperation. I was awed and honored when understanding exactly what they had placed in my destiny. The excitement of actual, possible change was the most distracting thing from the serious problems developing in my life I could contemplate. The Natives felt that there may be a way to use the legal system to effect change based upon what had happened to me and the understanding which would accompany a publicized trial. It had been tried before a long time ago and had been defl ected by the power of the system.

However things at the time of the last efforts were not nearly as bad as they were going to be in the future and many people would be watching. He said I could make a good case for change with my understandings concerning free speech. He also said that I could make a good case for reckless endangerment because the government knew what the Indians were doing and didn't warn people, didn't provide them with a way to defend themselves. The reason for it was because of the problem of describing why the Indians were doing these things. The reason why is that the Indians KNOW the meaning of America and would be empowered to publicly articulate it if the government were to engage them in court which would help the people of America to understand what the system was doing and stop it. So the government neglects to tell Americans of the threat. Which is how I and many others were so easily set up over the years.

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